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You can synchronise offers of products from multiple suppliers directly in the panel, by supplier code

Use the potential of a new tool that will take care of the offer in your store by automatically synchronizing it with selected suppliers. Your products will have up-to-date prices, stock levels, descriptions and photos.

We added a new, secure tool for synchronizing products from multiple suppliers

The new mode of continuous synchronization of products from suppliers is based on the offer for integration provided by the supplier in the form of a feed in the IOF 3.0 format. The main advantage of the IOF 3.0 format over the previous version 2.6 is its incremental form. This allows the file to contain only changes that have occurred to the products since the last synchronization. This means that each IdoSell store will be able to easily synchronize with suppliers using the built-in solution.

Supplier code

In order to make the whole process safe, we have added a product code at the supplier called hereafter supplier code. By using the new code, different products from different suppliers will not affect each other. The supplier code consists of an identifier of the product and the size (IAI code in the supplier's store). By default, it is included in the IOF 3.0 offering. This code uniquely identifies the product from the supplier.

If the product from the supplier does not have a manufacturer's code or an external system code, the supplier's code shall be added automatically when the product is added to our store. In the case of a later update, the product from this supplier will be updated just after this code.

Who is it for?

The new tool is an alternative to the application ((downloader | IdoSell Downloader)) or widely used by external developers ((API | API)). The web-based tool is easy to use because the algorithm used in it can associate one product with many suppliers through the appropriate mapping of the goods. We dedicate them to everyone who wants to present the current offer from many suppliers in their store.

What do you gain?

  • automatic mapping of synchronized products with offers from different suppliers
  • storage of stocks from different suppliers in a third-party warehouse M0
  • depending on the setting, data in the product can be cyclically overwritten by different suppliers
  • After running out of stock it is possible to switch manually to the next supplier (automatic switching option will be available in the future)

How to run

In the configuration of the selected Supplier, set Synchronize products from supplier to Yes. You will then see a configuration form for your offer.

If you do not see the Synchronization of items section after going to the supplier configuration, it means that you do not have access to this functionality yet. Don't worry, this will change in a few days and the changes will be available to you as well.

Instructions on how to import, update and synchronize merchandise yourself on the web

Further plans

We are currently working on a strategy for automatic switching to new suppliers and the possibility of price surcharges for the prices of synchronized products. In the future we also plan to use supplier codes when placing orders dropshipping or cross-docking with suppliers, which will greatly simplify the process. Then we will send the supplier codes to our contractor, which will uniquely identify the products in his store.

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