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We provide a new repository of original photos and tools that will allow you to better customize your shop.

Until now, when modifying a picture of the products using our photo profile mechanism, we left only the resulting picture in the administration panel. From now on, you can decide whether you want the original photo to remain in the administration panel, so that you can use it repeatedly, e.g. as a source photo for the next store in the panel or as a photo to which you can restore an already modified photo of the product.

From now on you have the ability to leave your original photos in the administration panel. This allows you to reuse them after performing various operations profiles, e.g. changing the size of the photo, changing image quality or applying a watermark.

This can be useful if the transformation of an image with macros is not satisfactory for you, or if you want to change the watermark applied to the images in the shop. Thanks to having the original photo, you will be able to repeat the operation or simply restore the original photo to a place which, for example, did not work out after the transformation. You will perform this operation on the photo on the product card.

Shortly original photos will also be used when sending information about the products to external services, which can expect photos of a given criterion, which have been modified by you for the shop. Original photos are usually "clean" photos of high quality, so you will be able to indicate that they are sent in feedzie to the service.

When you use the multishop option, thanks to the original photos in each of the shops, you can perform transformations (i.e. use a macro) in a different way based on the original photo once uploaded. We are currently working on making it possible to send original photos in the feed to

Optional switch for storing original images

As the original photos will take up additional disk space on your panel, we give you the opportunity to decide whether you want to keep them or not. The option to store the original photos is disabled in already working administration panels. If you want to enable this option go to the settings on the page "ADMINISTRATION / Product Configuration". There you can pause saving the original images at any time or even delete all previously saved original images.

You can find a preview of the used disk space under 'REPORTS AND FINANCES / Server and API / Used disk space.

Managing a large photo database is easy in the IdoSell Shop! [

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