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We have extended individual descriptions and photos for comparison sites and the marketplace as well as introduced changes in the photo management.

As announced before as of today, in addition to the already available individual descriptions for shops you can introduce separate descriptions for comparison sites and shopping arcades.

Thanks to unique descriptions, the products you make available will not have to compete with your own description in search results. Product descriptions and their images on popular sites such as Ceneo are refreshed much more often in search results and have an advantage in gaining traffic. Therefore, the description available there may compete with the product description in your own shop. From now on, thanks to the possibility to send the unique description to external websites, the products provided by you will not have to compete in the search results with the description filled in in your e-shop.

The new description will be added to the product as it has been so far, from the product panel. In the e-shop section, you can set the product description to be displayed in the e-shop administration. In the "Description" section, you can enter a description for the product in the field "Service".

Important changes in the presentation of photos in the administration panel
In the coming weeks the presentation of photos in the products gallery will be changed. If you do not use separate images for shops this change will not significantly affect the current work. However, if you have separate images for different shops, they will be reduced to a single view and all available images will always be presented. We will introduce views that will allow you to manage photos similarly to the current tabs. The photos that should not be visible in a view selected by you, e.g. only from the perspective of another shop, will be faded out.

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