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We have developed a mechanism for bulk products uploading to the basket

We have provided a mechanism to collectively add products to your basket by easily uploading a list of product codes. If you run an online wholesale business and are looking for a way to streamline your B2B sales, these changes have been designed for you! Creating recurring orders in your wholesale business has never been so fast and convenient! The new mechanism is supported by default in the STANDARD B2B v3 basket component.

One-click basket uploading

To start a bulk upload, go to the basket page and use the "Add products by adding codes" button. If you already have some items in your basket - don't worry! You can still add the missing products by uploading a list of their codes.


To upload your products you can use any of the index codes like producer code, external system code or product ID that you can find in the generated offer file. The desired quantity can be entered after a semicolon, e.g. code 100;2 shall add 2 pieces of a product with ID 100 to the basket. The codes can be entered after a space, after a comma or from a new line.


You can also complete the list of codes by uploading a CSV file, and if your file is missing a product - don't worry! You can continue adding new codes or upload an additional CSV file, which will complete the field with the missing products. Product codes are added together, which means that if the code of one product is entered three times, it will be added to the basket in the quantity of 3 pieces.


Products that have been successfully added to your basket and whose codes have been recognized are highlighted with a gray background to help you verify the added items. However, if some products were not recognized, you will receive a notification with a list of incorrect codes.

Supported product types include single and multi variant products, and the adding to basket process itself is not stopped if any of the codes were not recognized.

The mechanism of bulk adding products to the basket does require an active B2B subscription in the IdoSell panel.

How to take advantage of the new features?

With STANDARD templates developed in the Composer tool you get access to new features and automatic updates whether you use STANDARD templates or take care of the shop design by yourself.

  • If you have automatic template updates enabled your existing STANDARD B2B v3 template has already been automatically re-generated and is now marked as a template from the Composer editor, so it will be constantly updated and supported. You don't need to do anything else.
  • If you have automatic template updates disabled or are using a custom template, you can publish the latest version of the STANDARD B2B v3 composition yourself in the Composer tool and enjoy the new features at no extra charge.
  • If you are using a custom composition designed by yourself using the Composer tool, to use the new mechanism you need 3 STANDARD B2B v3 components - products list on the basketedit page, notifications component on the return page and a bran new "Added to basket" toplayer component in the layout tab.

Learn more about Composer

If you do not see the above changes in your panel, it means that you do not have access to them yet. Don't worry, this will change in a few days and you will be able to take full advantage of all new features in the Composer tool.

Legal notice

The above changes are part of the STANDARD templates, which are an industrial design registered in the patent office, owned by IAI Sp. z o.o. If you want to use the elements in your own projects, please contact us and obtain written consent or license. For more information, see "STANDARD registered industrial design".

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