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Update of the IdoSell Terms and Conditions from 1 April and IdoPay Price List from 1 May 2022

In compliance with the rules of introducing new terms and conditions included in the Agreement and the existing Terms and Conditions, we present changes to the IdoSell Terms and Conditions and IdoPay Price List one month in advance.

The new IdoSell Terms and conditions will be effective from 1 April, and IdoPay price list from 1 May.

The change of the rate calculation method included in the new IdoPay price list is a way to meet the expectations of you, our clients. It is aimed at increasing the predictability of IdoPay costs. In the previous rule, functioning since 2011, the turnover of the previous month influenced the rate in the following month, being the lowest rate in the first month. From 1 April, the rate will be fixed, independent of the turnover. Of course, there will be an option to negotiate the price, as has been the case to date for high volumes. In addition, we are meeting the needs of the largest sellers using the Cloud Pro plan, who by default were offered the same commission as Elastic Cloud (1.2%-1.4%). From 1 April, the default rate will be 1.1%. To meet the NBP and KNF requirements, which require Visa and MasterCard to have default rates in the IF++ model, these will be 1.1% / 0.9% / 0.7% margin to interchange rate (IC+PF) respectively.

A housekeeping change has been made to paragraph 5 in the regulations.

Full text of the new documents:

IdoSell Terms and Conditions Detailed IdoSell Price List