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Update of the IdoSell Price List from 1 August 2022

In compliance with the rules contained in the Agreement and the existing Terms and Conditions for the introduction of new terms and conditions, we present changes to the IdoSell Price List one month in advance.

NEW: As part of the new price list, we are giving you access to the groundbreaking Crossborder service, allowing you to open up for sales to more than 20 countries easily, quickly and, above all, successfully - including configuration by our specialists, automatic translations of high quality, access to payments, couriers, local comparison sites or marketplaces.

The new price list raises the prices of a number of services (full list at the bottom of the post). We have tried to make the change in the pricing terms of using IdoSell as gentle as possible for you. Therefore, the surcharge increase for orders over the limit and API calls, which is the main element of the new price list, are kept as small as possible. The free limits themselves have not been reduced either. However, it has not been possible to take such a conservative approach everywhere. In particular, for services that for years - bearing in mind our desire to provide IdoSell as inexpensively as possible - we offered you at an unchanged price or even free of charge. Despite the fact that providing such services became successively more expensive. The current market situation, the prices of additional services and components necessary to provide them, as well as inflation, make it impossible to offer them on previous terms.

The new price list also systematizes access to single contract days for our webdevelopers - work that is more expensive than contract days in a longer contract, but without the need for ordering more than a single day. We know how much you care about flexible access to our specialists, such as now for the changes required by the Omnibus Directive. That is why we are creating a full-fledged, all-access service for each of our customers out of the element we have so far offered in a very resource-limited pilot. We hope that this initiative will be very warmly received by you.

Here is the list of changes that will go into effect August 1st, 2022:

  • NEW Crossborder
  • Changing surcharges for orders over the limit and API calls
  • Increasing the price of man-hours of our implementation specialists (for implementation, custom and redesign work)
  • Changing the annual fee for hosting under additional applications (so-called Docker) in the mini version
  • Changing the monthly fee for hosting additional applications (so-called Docker) in the PRO version
  • Introduction of publicly available single contract days
  • Introduction of fee for an SSL certificate for the main domain of the store charged once a year and the fee for the possibility of installing an external SSL certificate (with the assistance of our support)

All details and current version:

Detailed price list of IdoSell