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Update of IdoSell Terms and Conditions and Price List from March 1, 2021.

Keeping in mind the rules of introducing new conditions included in the Agreement and the existing Terms and Conditions, we present one month in advance changes to the Terms and Conditions and the IdoSell Price List. As of March 1, we withdraw the previously maintained subscription plans CLOUD, DEDICATED CLOUD 2 and DEDICATED CLOUD 4.

Last year, we introduced autoscaling plans. These plans offer new capabilities not previously available, such as headless technology, autoscalable power, super-fast search such as Elasticsearch. We are constantly investing in additional server resources and new solutions with the sole purpose of increasing the number of transactions.

Several hundred stores are already using the new solutions and we see that the new technologies have increased their sales. Since March we are planning to release many new solutions, including, for example a new search engine, new systems for storing and serving photos. Unfortunately, these solutions cannot be housed in such small, monolithic server environments as DEDICATED CLOUD 2 and 4 and also CLOUD subscription plan. As a result, we were faced with the choice of either further functionally isolating customer groups or abandoning customer-limiting solutions. Because we see how much the new solutions serve customers, we've made a decision that will defend itself over time - that the new plans are better for customers, and while sometimes customers might want to wait a bit longer before choosing them, we can't wait and have to abandon these 3 subscription plans.

What will change?

Due to the fact that the most basic plans available in the old offer do not support the new features in a satisfactory way and thus do not allow us to dynamically introduce new ones, CLOUD, DEDICATED CLOUD 2 and DEDICATED CLOUD 4 subscriptions will not be available in our offer from March. If you are using them, at the end of February your store will be moved to another plan. We believe this will help you sell more.

The default migration scheme is:

  • CLOUD - after 2021-02-28 it will be automatically changed to ELASTIC CLOUD.
  • DC2 and DC4 - after 2021-02-28 it will be automatically changed to CLOUD PRO

For details about ELASTIC CLOUD and CLOUD PRO offer please refer to our subscription price list page and detailed price list.

However, we are very open to your preferences

The above migration scheme is only the default one. If you want your store to be migrated to any other plan - e.g. SMART CLOUD, CLOUD PRO, ELASTIC CLOUD or the old DEDICATED CLOUD 8 plan, please let us know with a ticket not later than 2021-02-26. All migrations will be free of charge and if we don't make it, we will of course charge you in a more preferential way, correcting it by the end of March.

Additionally, we will be contacting the customers whose sales characteristics were very different from typical, individually in order to find such a way of billing ELASTIC CLOUD and CLOUD PRO subscriptions that both parties are satisfied with.

20 years is a long time and sometimes we decide to make even big changes - especially those that bring tangible benefits to our customers. On the other hand, if you have questions about migrating from deleted plans, just contact us and we will discuss everything together and work out a satisfactory solution.

Most of the remaining changes are of a formal nature and mainly concern meeting the requirements for providing IdoPay payments and contract service works.

Full text of the new documents: