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The summary of changes in STANDARD templates and components for the Composer tool in November 2021

On December 1st we have released new versions of STANDARD templates containing a number of changes and improvements. We have redesigned STANDARD Fashion v3 with our clients' needs in mind, improved logging through external services, prepared an encouraging interaction zone for product questions and brand new newsletter components for the Composer tool.

Redesigned STANDARD Fashion v3 to meet the needs of our customers

In the fashion industry, customers "buy with their eyes", so after exposing the gallery and slimming down the details in the refreshed STANDARD Fashion v3 product card, it was time to optimise a few other elements.

More than half of web traffic is now mobile devices, so in the redesigned top we've used new and more intuitive icons for shopping carts and shopping lists, thus increasing the consistency of the entire layout.

The thumbnails in the gallery and recommendations zones have also gained in readability. Thanks to the changes they are now larger and present the shop's assortment even better. Similar changes applied to the rebuilt "Save by buying more" section, which was possible thanks to the change of layout from lists to tiles.

The narrowed long description now presents the optimal amount of characters for comfortable reading of the text, and thanks to the saved space we have moved the product parameters to the right column. The refreshed Fashion STANDARD v3 thus offers a package of the most frequently requested changes in the shop customisation process at no extra charge.

Improved login by external services

In light of numerous studies and the growing problem of people ignoring aspects of websites that look like adverts, we have reduced and simplified the external sign-in buttons. Thanks to the changes it is possible to display as many as three services in one row, which has a positive effect on the user's attention, especially on mobile devices.

Ask about product section that encourages interaction

The new revision of STANDARD templates also brings improvements in the ask about product section. In place of the current contact form displayed in the absence of a list of frequently asked questions, we have prepared a banner zone encouraging contact, which will significantly facilitate the collection of enquiries.

New components for the Composer tool

The Composer tool allows you to create a shop template yourself is completely free of charge, so as part of our work on STANDARD masks we have developed 3 brand new newsletter components to use in your own template composition. You will get the classic newsletter sign-up section with the name and e-mail address field and a shortened form with only the e-mail address field, as well as a component with background graphics. The possibility to change graphics and texts in STANDARD elements by yourself is already available in the second release of the Composer tool.

The new components will hit the Composer tool in the coming week along with the latest versions of the STANDARD templates.

List of other template changes

  • We have adjusted the promotion countdown clock so that it is also displayed in products assigned to a zone other than "Promotion".
  • We unified the default sorting between the full-text search engine and the products list.
  • We have solved the problem with displaying customer balance in multiple currencies.
  • We have restored the link to the product exchange information in the footer.
  • We have added support for displaying graphics in 2nd and 3rd row menu items.
  • We have added support for drop down breadcrumbs for all menus similar to menu 1.
  • We have improved the functionality of the first banner area on the homepage.
  • We have added support for new order statuses "Awaiting packing date", "Awaiting pickup date" and "Awaiting shipping date".
  • We have improved the editing of the order in STANDARD B2B v3 in the case of products available only in foreign stock.
  • We have improved the the size table on mobile devices in products grouped on the basis of several parameters.
  • We have improved the calculation of savings from the purchase of products in sets and collections.
  • We have prepared templates for displaying two separate category descriptions in the products lists.
  • We have decomposed the navigation page into 2 separate components (description and grid) with Composer tool in mind.
  • We have added the news component for the product card in the Composer tool.

How to take advantage of the new features?

If you use our STANDARD templates update them to the latest revisions to take advantage of the new solutions we have developed in recent weeks.

Legal notice

The above changes are part of the STANDARD templates, which are an industrial design registered in the patent office, owned by IAI Sp. z o.o. If you want to use the elements in your own projects, please contact us and obtain written consent or license. For more information, see "STANDARD registered industrial design".

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