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The summary of changes in STANDARD compositions and components in September 2022

The end of September in IdoSell brings a number of changes and new features. Among other things, we have prepared new versions of the STANDARD components, which are available in the Composer tool, more efficient handling of complaints, completely new components enabling faster access to the products you are looking for and better exposed brands your shop offers, a new way of filtering in the products list and many other improvements.

More efficient complaints handling

Recent changes for the RMA module have focused on streamlining the complaints process. A new feature is to allow customers to report a reason directly from the list of ordered products. We have added a required field for the description of the fault/defect, appropriately highlighted already in the first step of the complaints process. To the description of the defect, it is also possible to easily attach a few photos depicting the reported problem.

The possibility to indicate the preferred way of handling the complaint is the second new feature. Customers of your shop can now indicate whether they prefer an exchange of the product, a rectification of the defect, a price reduction or withdrawal from the contract. The buyer has the right, but not the obligation, to indicate the way in which the complaint should be dealt with, therefore this field is optional.

Instant way to reach an offer

We have developed a brand new component that allows you to easily and quickly find the products you are looking for by selecting several options on the homepage. We have named the component "Docierajka" (i.e. a way to reach the offer). It uses the categories assigned to Menu 2 and displays them in the form of several intuitive steps with drop-down lists. Up to a maximum of 5 first-level items from Menu 2 can be displayed. All literals are fully editable in the translation dictionary in the Composer tool. "Docierajka" can be displayed on the homepage, products list and product card and is fully responsive.

Show brands your shop offers

The new component allows you to show the brands offered by the shop as a scrolling list of logos anywhere on the homepage (the component can be set higher or lower in the Composer tool). The logos are separated from each other by a visible frame and have sufficient space to be readable. The sliding list is fully responsive and allows brands to be scrolled through using a swipe gesture on the screen.

If you have uploaded the graphics (logos) of the brands then simply add the component to the homepage of your shop and they will immediately appear in the designated place.

New way of filtering

Easy and quick browsing of the shop's assortment is one of the most important features of a good products list. This has a positive impact on the user experience (UX) and makes shopping easier. One of the most important options are filters that allow the user to specify their expectations and find products more quickly.

We have developed a new filtering option for the filters component - a slider, which will enable your shoppers to indicate the range (e.g. price) of the products they are looking for in a very quick way, i.e. by moving the marker on the line indicating the min and max values. For very precise values, we have left fields for typing them in. The new solution is also responsive and fully adapted to mobile devices.


  • Products with a price of 0.00 in the full-text search are now presented with the information "Call for price".
  • We have added an alt attribute to the logo for each of the three sizes.
  • We have hidden the one size button in the components of sets and collections.
  • We have supported GA4 events when adding to the basket from the products list and shopping lists and when adding products to shopping lists.
  • We have improved the variant specifications in the B2B products list so that the variant names are correct in every situation.
  • We have added validation in the price range filters so that the "to" value cannot be less than the "from" value.
  • We improved the automatic hiding of the filter toplayer in the mobile version.
  • We eliminated the problem with redirection to an external url in menu items 4 in the mobile version.
  • We simplified the "My order" and "My account" headers in the footer to "Orders" and "Account".
  • We have prepared templates to support the upcoming information bars displayed in the top and footer

Future plans

We are continuing to work on a number of new features in the STANDARD compositions. Learn about the most important of these:

  • Multi-step checkout order process (COP) in a completely new and simplified form. The number of steps has been reduced to the necessary minimum and the interface has undergone a thorough redesign. The main areas of work are the architecture and layout of information, the unification of graphical elements, simpler messaging and easier access to payment methods. The changes cover the full range of process steps, from the shopping basket to the order details page. For those interested, we are planning to access the BETA version for A/B testing purposes. If you are interested in taking part in the tests and would like early access to the new features, please contact us via the messaging system.
  • One-step checkout order process (OSCOP) to make shopping faster and more convenient. Logging in, completing your shipping details, selecting payment and courier is done on a single page without having to go through any further steps. For those who are interested, we are planning access to the BETA version for A/B testing purposes. If you are interested in taking part in the tests and would like early access to the news, please contact us via the messaging system.
  • Increased scores in PageSpeed Insights and Lighthouse due to optimised CSS/JS file structure in the Composer tool and dynamic handling of images in WebP format, significantly reducing page size and excess unused code at any given time. Initial tests have shown that the optimised CSS/JS file structure increases page performance (performance score) by up to 20 points!

As a reminder, if you care about increasing performance and boosting your shop's sales, it is not worth waiting. Working on the UX/UI of a template is an essential part of shop development, which is often neglected by retailers. An efficient and fast template is one of the keys to being successful in e-commerce. Don't wait and send your enquiry to our experts today!

Ask about optimization

How to take advantage of the new features?

With STANDARD templates developed in the Composer tool you get access to new features and automatic updates whether you use STANDARD templates or take care of the shop design by yourself.

  • If you have automatic template updates enabled your existing STANDARD template has already been automatically re-generated and is now marked as a template from the Composer editor, so it will be constantly updated and supported. You don't need to do anything else.
  • If you have automatic template updates disabled or are using a custom template, you can publish the latest version of the STANDARD composition yourself in the Composer tool and enjoy the new features at no extra charge.
  • If you are using a custom composition designed by yourself using the Composer tool, you can update selected STANDARD components by going to the edit screen and using the "Update" button, or the whole template by selecting the "Update composition" option visible under the name of your composition.

Learn more about Composer

If you do not see the above changes in your panel, it means that you do not have access to them yet. Don't worry, this will change in a few days and you will be able to take full advantage of all new features in the Composer tool.

Legal notice

The above changes are part of the STANDARD templates, which are an industrial design registered in the patent office, owned by IAI Sp. z o.o. If you want to use the elements in your own projects, please contact us and obtain written consent or license. For more information, see "STANDARD registered industrial design".

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