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The summary of changes in STANDARD compositions and components in April 2022

On April 27th we have released new versions of STANDARD compositions and components in the Composer tool and and a bunch of changes and improvements.. The product card is now ready to display the lowest price from 30 days prior to the launch of the promotion to comply with the upcoming Omnibus directive, and reviews confirmed by purchase are now clearly marked up for increased credibility. A streamlined B2B product list makes it even more convenient to buy multiple versions of a single product.

Lowest price from 30 days before the launch of the promotion

As early as 28 May 2022, the Omnibus directive, developed by the European Commission, will introduce a series of necessary changes in online shops throughout the European Union. Every consumer will know the real lowest price of the products covered by the promotion, which is supposed to prevent the practice of raising the price and immediately lowering it in order to make the promotion more attractive.

STANDARD compositions were prepared to show the lowest price from the last 30 days before the discount in the bottom left corner of the detail component on the product card.

To display the information you need a price history, which we will start building in the next few days, but today you can prepare your shop for the upcoming changes in the law and update the detail component on the product card.

Opinions confirmed by purchase

Reviews are the driving force behind the purchase of products by new customers. As many as 70% of users say they read reviews online, and the vast majority of them admit that they were a decisive factor in their purchases.

The credibility of opinions plays a key role here, which is why STANDARD compositions now clearly show which reviews are confirmed by purchase. We have also enriched the filter options to display only those opinions which have been confirmed by purchases.

We have improved the buying of multiple variants at once from the B2B product list

Following the latest expansion of the product card in STANDARD B2B v3 with the ability to buy products in several completely different variants, it's now time for the product list. From now on, all versions of a given product are available at your fingertips, making buying many different variants from the B2B product list even faster and more efficient! The new layout also eliminates the need to switch between variants in the mobile version, which significantly reduces the time it takes to place an order on your phone.

Costs and delivery times are now calculated for all indicated product versions, and the specification preview collates all available variants against each other.

List of other changes

  • We have improved the rendering of photos and thumbnails in sets grouped on the basis of many differentiating parameters
  • In the mobile version of STANDARD Decor v3 attachments on the product card have been pulled out to a separate tab "Downloads"
  • We have improved the transfer of formula parameters for price calculation on the product card
  • We have eliminated problems with rounding points in the loyalty program on the product card
  • We have improved specification display on the product list in STANDARD B2B v3
  • We have enabled translation of payment group names in the Composer tool
  • We have improved scaling of content in HTML banner components on mobile devices
  • We have optimised all the toplayers in STANDARD templates
  • We have improved the mechanism of collective uploading of products to the basket in order to inform about insufficient stocks
  • We have improved the slide effect in banner 1 on the main page in mobile version
  • We now display the list of current and completed orders in sub-accounts created within the organisation

How to take advantage of the new features?

With STANDARD templates developed in the Composer tool you get access to new features and automatic updates whether you use STANDARD templates or take care of the shop design by yourself.

  • If you have automatic template updates enabled your existing STANDARD template has already been automatically re-generated and is now marked as a template from the Composer editor, so it will be constantly updated and supported. You don't need to do anything else.
  • If you have automatic template updates disabled or are using a custom template, you can publish the latest version of the STANDARD composition yourself in the Composer tool and enjoy the new features at no extra charge.
  • If you are using a custom composition designed by yourself using the Composer tool, you can update selected STANDARD components by going to the edit screen and using the "Update" button, or the whole template by selecting the "Update composition" option visible under the name of your composition.

Learn more about Composer

If you do not see the above changes in your panel, it means that you do not have access to them yet. Don't worry, this will change in a few days and you will be able to take full advantage of all new features in the Composer tool.

Legal notice

The above changes are part of the STANDARD templates, which are an industrial design registered in the patent office, owned by IAI Sp. z o.o. If you want to use the elements in your own projects, please contact us and obtain written consent or license. For more information, see "STANDARD registered industrial design".

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