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The new generation of the Scanner application with extensive support for STS and GRN documents and sending photos of completed and verified orders to the panel.

The first generation of IAI Scanner application, well known to owners of data collectors supported by the mobile Windows CE system, as well as users of the Windows Desktop operating system, has undergone a technological metamorphosis.

The new second generation of application due to the obsolescence and limitations of Windows CE has been prepared for more modern and dynamically developing operating systems: Android, Windows 10+ and iOS.

IdoSell Scanner is an application for data collectors, PCs and mobile devices supporting and extending the possibilities of handling orders and warehouse processes WMS (Warehouse Management System) built into the IdoSell online store system shop.

The IdoSell Scanner application supports and optimizes processes such as:

  • Creating delivery documents and transfers between own warehouses,
  • Editing with the possibility of correcting stocks (+/-) of delivery documents and transfers between own warehouses,
  • Verification before delivery from the source warehouse and before accepting delivery documents and transfers between own warehouses to the target warehouse,
  • Receiving to the target warehouse or withdrawing to the source warehouse documents of transfers between own warehouses,
  • Inventory of products,
  • Packing orders with the option of taking photos after completing them and saving them in the order details in the panel,
  • Verifying orders with the possibility of taking pictures after checking them and saving them in the order details in the panel,
  • Verifying returns,
  • Assigning parcel shipment numbers in orders,
  • Assigning serial numbers to items in orders,
  • Determining the warehouse location of products,
  • Changes in order statuses and returns,
  • Handling printouts of sales documents and labels for couriers.

which the user can perform directly from the level of their mobile phone, data collector or other mobile device supported by the system 'Android version 5+' Windows version 10+ and 'iOS version 10+ 'and having access to the Internet.

The application also supports both one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) built-in barcode readers and recognizes the codes by the camera.

We encourage you to use and install on your devices the application IdoSell Scanner, which first hit the Google Play Store

Download IdoSell Scanner Android version

and Microsoft Store

Download IdoSell Scanner version for Windows 10

Remember to upgrade your operating system to Windows 10 version 16299.0 or newer, otherwise you will not be able to install this version of the application on your computer.

The iOS version should appear in the Apple Store within the next few days.

Support for IAI Scanner

We guarantee that further support in the improvement of detected errors for the first generation of applications IAI Scanner 1.8.X in the version for Windows CE and Windows Desktop will be valid until the end of August 2021. After this period, both applications will be permanently removed from our system. We encourage you to update the operating systems on the devices used or replace these devices with new ones that support the required operating systems.

Subscription to IdoSell Scanner

Subscription fee for the IdoSell Scanner application, it is identical to the previous generation IAI Scanner application regardless of the platform or solution and its calculation was restored on August 1, 2019.