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Subscription module - sustainable business which provides your customers convenience and flexibility

Subscription sales is one of the best models for e-commerce. It helps maximise revenue and increase satisfaction and loyalty. This module allows customers to regularly buy the products they need without having to place separate orders. For sellers, on the other hand, it gives the opportunity for a steady and predictable revenue.

To start subscription sales a shop must:

  • Have active IdoPay card payments. Until now, IdoSell customers who sold abroad and used the IdoPay payment system could accept card payments in: PLN, EUR, CZK, USD and GBP. Now we have prepared a solution that completes this catalogue by 19 new currencies.
  • Have appropriately adapted terms and conditions.
  • Pass the verification of our risk department with regard to the requirements for subscription payments according to the card organisations' guidelines.

You can activate subscription sales from your shop panel.

Go to your IdoSell panel. In the menu on the left, select Administration/Subscription. Then click on the green button Submit shop for verification of requirements for subscription payments according to card organisations. We will contact you and help you meet the requirements needed to start subscription sales.

How do I start a subscription sale?

Check if subscription model is for you

If you sell merchandise in specific categories, consider whether there are some that customers order regularly. Products for which a subscription sales model would be a good option are, for example: hygiene products, dietary supplements, pet food, baby and children's items, contact lenses, cosmetics, feminine products, meal kits, vitamins. You can start with subscription sales of one type od goods and verify customer interest in such a feature on an ongoing basis.''

Stand out from the competition

An important issue in subscription sales is marketing and standing out from the competition. Consumers will be encouraged to take advantage of subscriptions by discounts - both percentage and amount-based.

Updated stock

When you decide to implement this sales model, prepare your inventory to handle more orders.

Enable subscription sales through the IdoSell panel

Go to the IdoSell panel and submit your shop for verification of the requirements for subscription payments according to the card organisations' guidelines. We will contact you and help you meet the requirements needed to start subscription sales.

What do you gain if you implement subscription sales in your online shop?

  • Greater business predictability - subscription sales make it easier to manage your stock and replenish it well in advance.
  • Consistent revenue - you know the number of people who subscribe to your products, so you know what revenue you will make in any given month.
  • Savings - it is more expensive to acquire new customers than to retain existing ones. If you introduce subscription sales, you don't have to actively look for buyers
  • Higher customer retention rate - the subscription model encourages users to become customers of your online shop for longer

What will your customers get from subscription sales?

  • Time saving - customers do not have to search for products every time they want to place an order.
  • Convenient shopping experience - customers do not have to remember to order regularly.
  • Thanks to a personalised approach to the customer, everyone has the chance to feel special.
  • Attractive price - if a customer decides to subscribe to your products, you can offer a lower price than with individual purchases.

Learn about the functions of the subscription module

  • You can carry out both unit and subscription sales at the same time.
  • When setting up an item for subscription sales, you decide how many products a customer must order to enable the subscription option of the order.
  • You can define several discount thresholds and thus reward loyal customers

Learn more about the functionalities offered by the subscription module.

Lycopen has tested a subscription module from IdoSell. The brand operates in the niche of antioxidant products. See a Case Study with Lycopen and see how subscription sales worked for this online shop.

Learn more about subscription sales.

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