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STANDARD templates are now developed in Composer

Composer is a new tool for designing online shops in IdoSell, thanks to which you can build your dream shop by yourself. The editor allows you to use out of the box elements from STANDARD templates, as well as to edit and create your own components. Further development of the STANDARD templates in the Composer tool is a natural step forward - it's a change that provides access to new features and automatic updates regardless of whether you use IdoSell solutions or take care about the look of your shop on your own.

What do you get?

  • Support and further development of the components you use. You will build an attractive and unique shop without fear of losing support and further development of the standard components you used in your template.
  • Save time and money. If you're interested in new features introduced in STANDARD templates but you've built your own template in Composer tool, you don't have to outsource the work to specialists - it's you who decide which standard components should be updated.
  • Full control over shop layout. With the development of STANDARD masks in the Composer editor, we unveiled previously unavailable style components and a Less CSS sheet editor for the entire template giving you full control over the look of your shop.

What has changed?

If you have automatic updates for STANDARD templates enabled, you will continue to receive them. Your existing template has already been automatically re-generated and is now marked as a STANDARD template from the Composer editor, so it will be constantly updated and supported. Every effort has been made to make the transition process smooth and seamless. However, if you notice discrepancies, please feel free to contact support.


If for some reason you have opted out of automatic updates of STANDARD templates, or are using a custom template, you don't have to worry about anything - your shop still looks the same. In the Composer tool you can publish the current version of STANDARD compositions yourself and enjoy the new features at no extra charge.


Check out the summary of changes in STANDARD templates and components for the Composer tool in January 2022 and don't let the new features miss your shop.

What can you achieve with Composer?

With Composer you can design a shop using out of the box STANDARD components, create your own components, customize colours, add and translate text and replace graphics. You don't have to edit the whole template - you can change only selected components and leave the rest unchanged.

You can also decide to simply enrich the functionality of your existing template with additional elements, such as a discount code filed in the shopping cart, or a newsletter section on the homepage. Composer provides great flexibility and constant access to new features.

Do you want your shop to be constantly developed and to receive the latest IdoSell solutions? Take advantage of the possibility to manually update components and entire compositions. If you enable automatic updates, STANDARD compositions will always be up-to-date - you don't have to do anything else.

Learn more about Composer

Further plans

All STANDARD v3 templates and components for Composer tool are fully responsive. It means that they automatically adjust to mobile devices while maintaining proper readability and functionality on any screen. This solution fully eliminates the necessity of setting separate dedicated templates for the mobile version of the shop, which is why later this year we are planning to withdraw the functionality of the second mobile version of the website from the panel.


This module is marked as not recommended and withdrawn, but if you still use this mechanism please contact us urgently. We also encourage you to redesign at a promotional price or implement STANDARD templates.

If you do not see the above changes in your panel, it means that you do not have access to them yet. Don't worry, this will change in a few days and you will be able to take full advantage of all the capabilities of the Composer tool.

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