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Special offers - e.g. buy 3 t-shirts and get 1 for free – a new way of increasing shopping cart value

Special Offers are a brand new way of creating offers which trigger customers to increase shopping cart values in online stores e.g. by using cross-selling techniques. Thanks to this new solution you can create special offers which can be easily promoted in brick-and-mortar stores, where a cashier simply includes a discount, but it is difficult to program it in online stores – e.g. buy 3 (any) t-shirts or jumpers, 1 (the cheapest one) is for free (or cheaper).

How do IdoSell Shop special offers work?

Special Offers constitute a tool through which you can easily set dependences between products and scenarios in which a customer can get a discount. Examples of a few Special Offer scenarios:

  • buy at least 2 products from BiK and products from Home accessories categories will be 50 % cheaper
  • buy Lee trousers and Lee jackets and you will get a Lee cap for free
  • while purchasing a Bike, you will get a 20 % discount for the cheapest products from the Lighting category

How to efficiently promote Special Offers?

In order to trigger customers to take some action, we recommend preparing materials encouraging them to use Special Offers. As always you have a few options:

  • You can create a Toplayer or a Banner informing about your Special Offer
  • You can use help of our Graphics Department to get personalized advertising materials
  • You can also prepare product lists with the additional description. You can do it in MODERATION / Menu and descriptive subpages in mask by choosing proper Menu' and then editing a chosen node and setting a description.

More about Special Offers can be found on: Special Offer - an easy way of increasing shopping cart value. You can also find here a tutorial on how to turn Special Offers on in your store.

Turn Special Offers on and start selling more