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New way to confirm important administrative changes in the panel via PIN

In the interests of customer safety, we have withdrawn blocking access to store panel modules in an untrusted network, which customers could disable while working on mobile devices, introducing in its place PIN protection changes in payment configurations.

Until now, if you logged in to the administration panel of the store in an untrusted network, access to key modules, i.e. changes in the payment configuration, was blocked for security reasons. From now on, we have secured the changes in the configuration of your payments with the PIN which you received when signing the contract with IAI. Thanks to this, as the owner of the store, you have sole control over changes in the critical place which is the configuration of your payments. Interception of the password (saved e.g. in the browser) could lead to a change in the bank account number and theft, in the case of large stores, even millions of zlotys.

Confirming with a PIN will not be bothersome, because we will remember entering the correct PIN by you until you log out of the store panel, or until the session expires. This means you won't have to confirm every change you make to your payment profiles.

If you do not have a signed contract or have lost your PIN, please do not hesitate to make such changes, but contact our Support. PIN protection will be introduced in the future during several other operations. PIN, as in the case of payment cards, should be known only to decision-makers in the company and should not be disclosed to anyone.