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New Price List and Terms and Conditions - from 1 October 2012

1 October 2012 brings some slight changes in our Price List and Terms&Conditions. The most important changes are:

  • We added 90.000 API calls to CLOUD plan limit. So - for the same price of £49/59€ - you get 100.000 API calls instead of 10.000. This revamp was thought to reflect the ongoing changes in nature of the service and increasing use of supporting applications such as IAI POS or IAI Downloader.
  • 2 new subscription plans were added - DEDICATED CLOUD 8x3 and DEDICATED CLOUD 8x4. Plans are supported by 3 or 4 independent servers and are intended for very large stores with need of very powerful computing solutions.
  • We added possibility of buying working-hour to use on remote configuration of system or supporting applications. The price is standard cost of training hour - £25/28,5€. We used to do it for our customers informally, but we decided to formalize this form of service.
  • We added new kind of IT development works - analysis of source code of applications using API to connect to the
  • We slightly increased the price for 1000 visits beyond the limit of CLOUD plan. Now it is £3,75/4,30€.

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