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More items will be included in the disk space occupied by your shop; We have added a tool for deleting old data, which will keep the charges at the current level

Keeping in mind the availability of disk space, we have noticed that you take care of removing e.g. unnecessary goods and photos. Unfortunately, other elements of the store, were not removed and over time, after years, they started to take up much more space than photos. Which is why we introduce changes. First of all, we start to count this space as occupied by the shop (and paid according to the regulations and price list). In order to allow you to keep the fees at the current level, we introduce a tool for self-cleaning old and potentially unnecessary data. This way, we have kept the possibility to leave the charges at the current level or to keep the data and bear the costs, so please decide for yourself which option is appropriate for you.

At IdoSell we care about security in a fanatical way. Which is why we use disk arrays for data storage. The cost of storing data on them is many times higher than e.g. on a hosted disk. In return, however, customers get very high security, including the possibility of running the store immediately on another machine, should the entire server hardware fail. Our matrices also place data in 2 different physical locations, protecting it e.g. against fire in a server cabinet.

As our matrices have been gradually filling up over the years, it's time to review which data takes up a lot of space (it costs a lot) and we don't charge for it. After selecting the data, on which you have influence, we added them to the table informing about the occupied disk space, and along with them we provide a configuration allowing you to limit their size.

The occupied disk space can be accessed e.g. through the home page of the panel, after clicking on the "Available disk space" tile.

So that you don't see this as just a raise, we have also developed a tool which allows you to enable automated clean up of data in individual categories after a certain number of days. The tool can be found in the administration panel under ADMINISTRATION / Shop panel configuration. Currently, data clean up is disabled for all customers, so as to maintain backward compatibility with the current operation. However, please enable and adjust these options according to your needs.

config - config

Meaning behind specific options:

  • Attachments to orders added by customers - all that customers add to their orders from the shop's mask side
  • Order history - detailed order log available from the order card
  • History of price calculation - diagnostic data relevant for price calculation error analysis
  • Mail order confirmations - prepared on the basis of an e-mail template to the customer in html form
  • Generated order documents - invoices and confirmations in pdf form

Which settings to choose?

Each of these informations is obsolete and unnecessary after some time. If you do not have any specific expectations, please enable data deletion and leave the default settings for data storage length. Please note that items such as invoices or confirmations will be available even after deletion, only the previously generated pdf file will be deleted.

Please take action immediately. We would like to remind you that the information on the blog and the newsletter, in accordance with the Terms of Use, is a binding notification of the news. Therefore, the lack of reaction, excludes the possibility of making a complaint if an additional fee is charged.

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