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Local high school students visited our offices

Yesterday, on the 9th of June, we had the pleasure to host students from IT SCI Technical College and High School nr 14 in Szczecin. The group consisted of Polish and Spanish students, as well as their teachers.

Students had the opportunity to visit our place of work, they were also invited to the office of IdoSell Shop CEO, Paweł Fornalski, who talked about IdoSell Shop work culture, as well as our services.

Students were invited for some food and drink, they also attended a short presentation. At the end of the meeting, our CEO organized a quiz and the prize consisted of a few pendrives. The fastest and the most active students were the winners of the contest.

We are very pleased that we had the possibility to host high school students and show them that Szczecin has some interesting workplaces to offer.

See you in a few years!