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It is now possible to add separate names, descriptions and pictures of products for different shops and languages

If you use the multiple shops in one IdoSell online shop panel, i.e. the so-called multi-store function, which allows you to sell products from one panel in multiple shops, you will surely be interested in the new possibility, which is the creation of separate titles, descriptions and photos of products for different shops and their languages. This allows each shop to have a unique merchandise offer.

Until now, you could create separate descriptions for each language separately, but when you wanted to show different merchandise descriptions in the same language in different shop from the same panel, you had to use tricks that were not obvious to use and also affected other elements of the shop. Thanks to a new, built-in function straight from PIM (Product Information Management) systems, which is the ability to create an independent description for each shop and language, everything has become easier. The images, on the other hand, allow for individual branding and image adjustments depending on who you are targeting. By combining these capabilities, you can, for example, fully separate retail and wholesale offers. What's more, this works even better with the strategies you may have used so far, such as independent price management, integration with marketplaces and product catalogues. It also takes full advantage of the built-in optimisation techniques creating a Google-optimised online shop.

What we are still working on is the integration of the new descriptions into group-editing to increase efficiency and convenience.

The next step will be to enable separate descriptions and images for catalogues, comparison sites and marketplaces.

We encourage you to take a look at the functioning of the current module today and complete the descriptions for different shops. Changes can also be made from the API level. If you encounter any problems, please return to one description for many shops, i.e. the current operation and report the problem to us.

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