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Information about the planned service window on the night of 19/20 March

On the night of 19/20 March (Monday to Tuesday), we plan to disable part of the infrastructure in connection with the necessary service work. We are going to start the work approx. midnight and we estimate that by the 7 a.m. all systems should be available.

Please do not plan any activities at this time, e.g. large advertising campaigns, because both stores and their administration panels may not be available during the service window.

The short time passing from the publication to the beggining of work is dictated by your safety. Today one of the devices malfunctioned. For customers it is not felt due to the planned redundancy. Unfortunately, after replacing the device with a new, functional one, it was not correctly accepted into the pool of the rest of the devices. Currently, our system is working properly, but we need to disable part of the infrastructure to provide a complete, secure configuration. We would like to apologize in advance to customers whom our night service window will interupt.