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Improvement package for IdoSell Trusted Reviews: numerous improvements and the option to require a description for ratings below 4 stars

Listening to your feedback on our official Facebook page IdoSell Customers and via Q&A system, we have made a number of minor improvements to the order feedback process, the most important of which are outlined below.

Amendments to the standard message templates sent to customers requesting feedback

We have changed the order of rating icons, now giving the highest rating in the first place and the lowest in the last place, so that in the mobile browser, when icons are presented vertically, the first icon will always be the one with the highest rating. We have also added descriptions for icons in case the mail client blocks the "smiley face" graphics for clients when displaying messages asking for feedback

Blocking the ability to rate an order 3 stars or less, without justification.

From now on customers who add a 1, 2 or 3 star rating will be asked to justify such a low rating before it is published, and after adding a 4 star rating, they will be asked to indicate what was the reason for taking away one star.

Learn about integration possibilities with external review sites

If you don't have order feedback enabled - consider enabling it

Remember: about 70% of customers look for reviews on the Internet before placing an order in a new store, so collecting and presenting them is crucial in the process of gaining new customers. You can learn more about the Social Proof phenomenon and the pandemic changes in making purchasing decisions based on the opinions of others online in our webinar linked below.

Webinar: Social Proof - may the power of community be with you

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