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IdoSell Terms and Conditions update as of 1 September 2022

Maintaining the rules contained in the Agreement and the existing Terms and Conditions for introducing new terms, we present in advance the changes to the IdoSell Terms and Conditions.

Paragraph 5 of the Terms and Conditions, concerning the method of issuing invoices and making settlements with IAI S.A., is changed. In place of invoices issued immediately after the customer's payment - one VAT invoice will be issued at the end of the month. In this situation, we will stop accepting overpayments for subsequent invoices. They will be refunded after contacting the Support Center.

The purpose of these changes is to make our billing system more transparent. This is one part of the deeper changes we are making to simplify it. With the changes, you will ultimately be able to easily see what services a particular invoice has been billed for.

Full text of new documents:

IdoSell Terms and Conditions