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IdoSell Shop WMS has just been developed with the module of electronic invoice delivery, including information whether a customer has downloaded an invoice

The ability of electronic invoicing is a great facilitation for stores, as well as customers – a customer receives an invoice in a blink of an eye, right after it has been issued. What is however the most important, the elimination of paper invoices saves money.

The new online store WMS option now enables automatic invoice generation and printing through the electronic system of document delivery (EDI) for electronic invoicing - the same that we use for settlements with our customers.

How does automatic invoice sending work?

The new module will send an email with the invoice to your customer immediately after being issued, and when the customer downloads the invoice, it will be logged in the download log (the download log is necessary because, for example, an acknowledgement of receipt of a corrective invoice is the basis for tax reduction). Obviously, the customer can select the paper invoice. In addition, you can choose what type of invoices will be sent electronically, and which one traditionally (e.g. VAT invoices and correction invoices).

Electronic invoicing – advantages

Electronic invoicing is beneficial for online store. Advantages:

  • lowering the cost conducting your business - saving a large amount of paper and printing devices
  • one component of the order less to verify and to pack
  • faster invoice delivery to customer

There are also many benefits for customers. Document available online:

  • is easier to be found
  • will not be destroyed
  • does not have to be stored at home or in the office
  • is always at hand

What does the IdoSell module of electronic invoicing offer?

Template of store notification inviting customers to choose electronic invoices, but with the ability to choose a paper invoice

  • automatic invoice generation in the order – there is no need to issue anything manually
  • invoice is sent immediately once it is issued
  • possibility to resend an invoice by one click
  • ability to choose which invoices are to be sent to customers. You can choose from:

- VAT invoice
- corrective invoice
- advance invoice
- final invoice

  • ready, e-mail templates for every type of invoice prepared by IdoSell Shop
  • searching for not acknowledged corrective invoices – facilitation for accounting department
  • WMS recognizes orders for which invoices were sent electronically - invoices do not appear in the module verification of package content with the order on the list of items to verify – they have already been sent to the customer

All features and characteristics of electronic invoicing can be found on: Delivery of e-mail invoices for purchases in online stores.

Remember that electronic invoicing has a positive impact on the environment.

Learn how to send electronic invoices from your shop

Note from the Graphics Department: in order to enable your customers to choose electronic invoicing, the template has to support this new functionality. Thus, upgrading the template to the latest STANDARD version is necessary.