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IdoSell Shop Price List and Terms and Conditions - update effective from April 1, 2019.

Regarding the introduction of a new subscription plan, Smart CLOUD, while maintaining the terms of the update included in the Agreement and the existing Terms and Conditions, we present changes in the Price List, as well as Terms and Conditions one month in advance. The new rules will apply from April 1, 2019.

Main changes in the Price List and Terms and Conditions:

The IdoSell Shop service is successfully used by thousands of sellers. Most importantly, companies selling on a various scale, including the smallest ones, just starting their adventure with e-commerce. Having these sellers in mind, in order to adapt to their needs, we introduce the Smart CLOUD offer, with a monthly fee starting from £9/9€/$9 net.

Creating Smart CLOUD, we wanted startups and small stores to offer the experience of working with large, demanding businesses, making it easier for them to start. Working on the professional platform from the very beginning, the use of correct patterns of sales processes and logistics, it is a huge saving, convenience and a source of security and competitive advantage. We see this effect, exploring the fate of hundreds of stores that have started their e-commerce adventure with us from the first steps, and now they are doing great on the market.

In Smart CLOUD the fee is 1.5% per month on sales turnover (not less than £9/9€/$9 net per month) when activating a new service and £108/108€/$108 net for the whole year in advance or minimum £19/19€/$19 in other cases, but the commission is calculated only from the sale conducted through the online store. So it is a perfect plan also for sellers with a large share of sales from the marketplaces, from which we will not get a commission. Smart CLOUD is cheaper than most of sales manager tools, and at the same time much more versatile and future-proof, allowing you to sell in your own online store and through other channels. To make it even easier, along with the new price list, we also lower the activation fee to £99/99€/$99 net, completely eliminating any entry barriers.

More about Smart CLOUD plan can be read on the blog.

Bearing in mind the convenience of using IdoSell Shop by growing salespeople switching from the Smart CLOUD offer to CLOUD, we also made significant changes in the CLOUD plan itself. We have extended the product number limit, after which in the CLOUD plan the surcharge for exceeding 10,000 products are calculated, and we have reduced the price of such a surcharge by up to five times - £3/4€/$5 for every 5,000 products over the 10000. Thanks to this, CLOUD will be even better in wide product ranges or dropshipping sellers.

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