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IdoSell and PayPal are official partners

Logo PayPal PayPal is a global leader of on-line payments and handles 7,5 million transactions daily. More than 128 million active users thinks, that PayPal is the most comfortable method of paying for purchases in the Internet. This is why we fully support it from the very beginnings of the But now IAI and PayPal have become official partners. Thanks to affiliate agreement signed, our customers and partners can benefit from our partnership, including the brand new buyers protection program and great financial conditions.

Because we (IAI) guarantee the highest security standards in the, we also cooperate only with the most reliable, professional on-line sellers - all our customers have gained full safety of all their transactions performed on-line by means of PayPal system. Thanks to our partnership, seller is protected by PayPal and can insure payment and customer's purchase from random events. If seller does not receive payment authorization or package won't reach its destination, PayPal - without any additional charge - will refund the entire amount. So the transaction could be included in buyers protection program, some requirements must be met. As PayPal partner, the provides you with all necessary features to activate the protection system. Detailed information can be obtained from PayPal.

PayPal is a reliable and trustworthy partner, available for customers around the world. Cooperating with PayPal, you can earn more trust much quicker than trying to do so all alone. It's our utmost priority to provide you with the safest solutions possible, because 90% customers believe, that safety of on-line purchases is the most important thing, when it comes to choose a store, in which they wish to buy products and services.

New PayPal integration offers the most advanced solution, you will not find in any other store/shopping cart solution. Wax booster is on of such features. It allows your customers to pay with a credit card without even creating an account in PayPal. Customer just enters one's credit card details making first purchase in store. With every subsequent purchases, one needs only to use a credit card number!

Another great feature implemented in the new integration module is the option of automatic PayPal payments registration, known as IPN (Instant Payment Notification). When your customer pays for one's purchases, your administration panel will be notified about this fact immediately.