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IdoPay service provider change from IAI to IdoPayments

IdoPay is a payment system available for online stores on the IdoSell platform and for accommodation reservation systems on the IdoBooking platform. For customers of both platforms using IdoPay, the invoicing entity will change.

What is IdoPayments?

IdoPayments sp. z o.o. is a subsidiary of IAI S.A., which owns 100% of IdoPayments. IdoPayments is dedicated exclusively to providing payment services, which are implemented under the name IdoPay.

IdoPayments sp. z o.o. has gone from being a Small Payment Institution to a Domestic Payment Institution and is under the supervision of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

Why are we changing the IdoPay operator from IAI to IdoPayments?

For the development of IdoPay, we have created a dedicated IdoPayments company. The status of a Domestic Payment Institution broadens our horizons, and it is also a huge development opportunity for our merchants. Using our knowledge and experience, we will create the best possible solutions for merchants to enable their customers to make payments in the most convenient forms for them, including international markets.

Who is affected by the operator change from IAI to IdoPayments?

The change of operator applies to customers of the IdoPay payment system within the IdoSell platform, who currently use IdoPay for all functionalities of the service (PayByLink, BLIK, PayPo, card payments).

Customers for whom the IdoPay service is provided through IdoPayments (PayByLink, BLIK and PayPo) will also handle card payments within IdoPayments.

The change also includes all IdoBooking customers using IdoPay.

What will change for IdoPay users and when?

IdoPayments sp. z o.o. will be a party to the agreement on the operation of the IdoPay service instead of IAI S.A. Invoices for payment services and transfers of funds for the execution of transactions will be carried out by the IdoPayments company. The terms and conditions of the IdoPay service will not change. The entire operation is of a formal nature only.

IAI S.A. will operate the IdoSell online store and IdoBooking accommodation booking services, and IdoPayments sp. z o.o. will implement the IdoPay payment service for their customers.

The settlements from completed payments will continue to be in the BOK panel. For those using IdoSell Broker, there will be a clear separation of the Balance of Payments into the Balance of Payments from IdoSell Broker and the Balance of Payments from IdoPay. Withdrawals of balances will be done separately.

As the IdoPay service will be provided by IdoPayments sp. z o.o. and not IAI S.A., you will not be able to make withdrawals from your IdoPay Deposit balance to your IAI S.A. billing account. Withdrawals to individual verified account numbers will remain unchanged.

For IdoPay payments, the commission will be charged when the payment appears on the Payment Balance from IdoPay. The payment invoice issued by IdoPayments sp. z o.o. at the end of each month will already be paid and will not require further billing.

When will there be a change in the operator of the IdoPay service from IAI to IdoPayments?

The change of IdoPay operator from IAI to IdoPayments will end on 14.03.2023. From 1.03.2023, invoices for payments initiated under IdoPay will be issued exclusively by IdoPayments sp. z o.o.. In the period from 1.03.2023 to 14.03.2023, IdoPayments will issue invoices for payments initiated in February, which were not settled until March.

Until 31.12.2022, each customer affected by the change will receive an email and a message informing them of the change, along with the terms and conditions, and the unchanged price list.

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