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IAI Scanner 1.8 lets you pack orders for shipment with the use of a handheld data collector

IAI Scanner now facilitates yet another order handling process – packing. Simply scan an order number, then start scanning the codes of products while you pack them. After you are done, all scanned products will be appropriately marked as packed in the IdoSell Shop administration panel.

IAI Scanner already facilitates the processes of order verification, delivery acceptance, stock control an more, which are carried every day in a warehouse.

Today we are introducing another improvement to increase efficiency – the order packing module.

By handling the packing process with IAI Scanner, you can:

  • pack orders one after another, in a continuous mode
  • mark all, or only specific products in an order as packed / not packed
  • interrupt the packing process and resume it at any time, on any device
  • view a list of products remaining to be packed in an order
  • view a list of products already packed

Look at how easy the order packing process really is

Scan the order code

then scan the codes of products you would like to ship:

After an order is packed, a few things happen automatically:

  • scanned products are marked as packed in the IdoSell Shop administration panel
  • order status is set to packed
  • you will be presented with an option to pack the next order on the list, or choose one manually

Learn more about the new order packing module in IAI Scanner