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From August 5, 2019, contact with our Support Department will only be possible via a web browser

3 months ago we informed implementation of the new Support module, which enables audio, video and text communication via a web browser. In the meantime, we have expanded it with other necessary functionalities, including screen sharing. The moment has come when our helpline begins to function only as part of convenient contact via the browser.

In the new module, we assigned experts on a given topic to each subject in which you might want to get support. By contacting us via browser, if an expert is unable to talk at the moment, you decide yourself whether you will wait in the queue or prefer to write a traditional ticket, to which we will of course answer as soon as possible.

By developing the Support module, we have added an extremely useful tool, which is screen sharing. This solution will be very helpful in situations that previously required a verbal description of the activities performed - from now our expert will be able to quickly assess and discuss exactly what you see on your screen.

At any time during a conversation with our expert, you can decide whether you want to additionally share the content of the screen visible on your monitor from your computer, turn on the image from the camera or stay on the audio conversation without transferring the image.

If you have such a person assigned, the new version of the system will allow you to contact directly:

  • dedicated Account Manager, i.e. an employee of the Sales Department who will guide you through the implementation process or redesign of the store template
  • web developer dealing with your contract graphic work to which you should send messages regarding work on the store template

Every specialist at IdoSell Shop will also soon be able to create an exclusive audio or video connection, for example to conduct training or talk to you. You will then receive a link in the ticket through which you will be able to connect with our specialist.

We remind you that the 'Support module can be found in CSC available after logging in to the company website and under the same name in your panel.