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Deloitte Fast 50 2012 ranking confirms our quick growth

From 2007 to 2011 the IAI revenues increased more than five times. It's great result for such short period of time. Second year in a row we can find our company name in this prestigious ranking.

For our customers and investors it is a great confirmation, that in confrontation with hundreds of technological companies from Poland and thousands from other Central Europe countries, the IAI S.A. develops at impressive rate. It is very important, no matter whether you use our software or just invest in our shares, because its a proof, that your partner is an actual leader in its business line. Only the best players on the market should be considered partners.

What's more important, it's easier to get to this ranking (which of course does not mean, that's easy), than to be present year after year, because always last 5 years of company history are taken under consideration. It's difficult to maintain the same high development rate, because usually the "base effect" comes into play, where you need to achieve more and more income in relation to last year's growing base. Deloitte ranking estimates only the percentage (not amount-based) growth. This is why the débutantes are always the lion's share of all companies included.

Maintaining our position in this year's ranking (and in the next years also) is exactly the same (or even more) satisfactory as the last year debut.

Ranking results can be found here: