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Changes in the presentation of shipping and delivery times. Increase conversion in your shop

The way you communicate and the correctness of the lead time is crucial for the conversion in your online shop, so at IdoSell we've simplified the presented shipping and delivery times. All this to help you sell even more. Read about the changes in IdoSell shops in the article below.

Shipping times and delivery conditions are important factors that can determine conversions in your online shop. At IdoSell, we are responsive to the needs of our sellers, which is why we have made the introduction of changes to the communication of shipping times a priority. What has changed? See the most important points:

  • We have eliminated the inclusion of goods from the shopping cart in the calculation of the delivery time presented on the commodity card.
  • On the commodity card and in the basket, the returned time is now the time of receipt by the courier who is able to collect the parcel the fastest. Previously, the returned time was the time of warehouse readiness to dispatch the package (despite the "We can dispatch (...)" letter in the templates).
  • The time presented will be simplified and therefore less precise. This means, for example, that if a parcel is picked up by a courier today, we will not display that it will be there in 1 hour and 32 minutes, but simply today/ within 24h on Friday. However, if there are customers who would like to display the precise time (by installing the described package of changes, the displayed precision depends on the warehouse settings), we have added such possibility for support, but please note that it works only for individual templates. In the standard templates the simplified form of displayed times will be fixed. In Store behaviour management->Courier deliveries the option Shipment time unit presented on the commodity card has been added
  • We've added returning to xml/gateway ajax/graphQl the parameter with the hour by which the order should be placed in order for the package to be sent on the same day. The effect will be visible in the new revision of the STANDARD template
  • We have eliminated taking into account personal collection in the times presented on the commodity card and in the basket. We have also "faded out" the inclusion of personal collection in the delivery cost presented on the product card and in the shopping cart.
  • We have corrected all errors and imperfections.

The next step to improve the communication regarding the times in the shop will be the release of a new version of the standard template within a few weeks.

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