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Build your own brand and sell in Central and Eastern Europe. Why you should enter a cross-border market now?

Cross-border, an online international sales, is a definite trend in e-commerce. Take advantage of the opportunities that cross-border offers and sell even more and more effectively, also abroad. The biggest potential is in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, where e-commerce is growing at a furious pace. Why there and now? We explain!

  • Sales to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe are currently the best direction cross-border. E-commerce there is gaining momentum, just as it did in Poland a few years ago. How to use the potential of this market and why is it worth entering e-commerce right there and right now?
  • Sales in the cross-border model may be an answer to the strong competition on the domestic market, where in order to break through and reach the customer with the offer, you have to constantly lower prices.
  • Thanks to many IdoSell integrations, including those with Wish and Packet, and functionalities such as IdoPay or IdoBroker - you can easily conquer foreign markets. What else should a sales platform help you with? How does IdoSell help you to enter foreign markets and support your sellers in cross-border activities? Learn about concrete examples.
  • There are 800,000 online shops in Europe and only 8 percent of them sell cross-border. Cross-border sales are expected to grow by 27% annually.

Until now, selling cross-border was difficult because the merchant had to take care of everything himself. Couriers, fulfillment, logistics centres, marketplace, translations, customs documents, changes in regulations - it was all on the merchant's mind.

At IdoSell, we constantly support our merchants. That's why we show them that Europe is not only Germany and the countries where Amazon takes the biggest toll. There are many markets to which it is easier and cheaper to sell. In the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary or Romania, e-commerce is growing at a dizzying pace, just as it did in Poland a few years ago. Therefore, if you decide to start selling in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, you can achieve amazing sales results, which in your home market, where competition is very high, may be unrealistic.

It is worth taking advantage of this potential and enter these markets right now. Don't wait until the market is saturated with your competitors' offers and online shops. Start selling abroad right now. With the support of IdoSell it will be very easy!

Why does Central and Eastern Europe have great potential in cross-border?

  • No regional marketplace that dominates the buying habits
  • Ability to create pricing policy, higher margins, lower VAT in several countries
  • Low market saturation, huge growth potential
  • Cultural and geographical proximity
  • Access to new logistic solutions, regional courier and fulfillment networks human resources - qualified specialists, easy communication in English
  • customers on these markets often look for goods outside of their own countries
  • lower market entry costs compared to Western Europe

The first and at the same time easiest step to get your offer across the border can be a marketplace. In many sectors, you will have much more opportunities with your own online shop. It all depends on the assortment and offer. If you sell a lot of products, such as cups or towels, it is worth starting with the marketplace. In this case, you have to reckon with the fact that price will be the main criterion for making a purchase. However, if you are building your own brand and you care about recognition, we strongly recommend opening an online shop. This has several very important advantages. When you sell directly, you do not pay commissions to the marketplace and you build your own brand and informed, loyal customers.

You no longer have to look for couriers and suppliers yourself. Cross-border is a trend that is definitely on the rise and international sales are a priority for many of our sellers. The domestic market is already very competitive, which is why it makes sense to go out with your offer to other countries. How does IdoSell help to enter foreign markets and support sellers in cross-border sales?

  • Multilingual shop or multiple shops in different countries and languages, with a specific currency. You choose the model that suits you. IdoSell shops have a module that supports translation management. Check out the possibilities that IdoSell gives you.
  • Integrations with marketplaces and comparison services on foreign markets
  • Dedicated integrations with payment systems. In IdoSell, thanks to numerous integrations, you can tailor your offer and payment methods to your customers' preferences. And these are different in every country.
  • Integrations with global couriers: DHL Parcel, Fedex, UPS, DHL Express, GLS, Packeta. IdoSell's logistics partners ensure competitive rates, security and the easiest and automatic customs clearance process possible.
  • Available fulfillment sales model - IdoSell integration with Frisbo.

Cross-border is a definite trend in e-commerce in Poland. This is partly because the domestic e-commerce market is very competitive and sellers are forced to lower their prices in order to compete. And prices cannot be lowered indefinitely. If retailers want to look for double-digit growth opportunities, they should focus on foreign markets. It is predicted that cross-border e-commerce will grow 27 percent year-on-year. Start planning your cross-border sales strategy now and take advantage of IdoSell's expert knowledge to help you get out into foreign markets and succeed.

Interested in selling in the cross-border model? Contact us! We'll answer all your questions and solve all your problems. That's what we're here for!

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