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IdoSell Shop Price List - update effective from October 1, 2018.

While retaining update conditions included in the Agreement and the existing Terms and Conditions, we present changes in the IdoSell Shop Price List one month in advance. The new rules will apply from October 1, 2018.

Main changes in the Price List

We raised the prices of implementation packages by about 15% on average. We have maintained very preferential rates for a very long time, not including the systematically rising labor costs in the IT sector in the prices of packages. We maintained these conditions by increasing work efficiency and improving the tools and procedures. In the meantime, however, due to providing Project Manager's care for every implementation, as well as a series of other activities performed "in the background" in each package, so that it ends with full success and customer satisfaction, the real amount of work in the package significantly increased. And calculated on this greater basis, the actual working hour rate was far lower. Under current market conditions - in the face of high wage increases in the entire IT sector, it is not possible to maintain such a rate.

The cost of a single working hour has also increased, albeit slightly (by about 10%), due to the lack of this additional work "in the background", which is provided while handling the implementation packages. Still, the package working hour is cheaper than the individual one.

The price change will include orders accepted by customers from October 1. Orders added and accepted in September, for example for redesign carried out in November or December, and even January will be settled at the current rate.

The cost of so called contracted working hour price does not change. Contracted working hours are hours that out client can order in advance, so that our specialist, periodically, for example once a week, can carry out tasks for them in a contracted extent (number of working hours). The actual task may vary and may be specified even on the same day. These hours will still be charged at a preferential rate, due to the fact that communication, preparation and work are carried out within the contracted time in the Time & Material model. We also still accept applications for this type of work at the current rates.

The new price list cancels the assignment fee, from now on the assignment of IdoSell Contract will be free. Other changes are less important or have an ordinal or editing character. The full version of the new document is available at: