In IdoSell Shop, on a daily basis, we handle hundreds of thousands of on-line orders generated by thousands of our clients. Everything that we describe in this section really influences the Polish and the Global e-market.

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12 January

We have reached 99.9974% of uptime (SLA) for our services in 2016

Every year we conduct a detailed SLA analysis for IdoSell Shops. The measured SLA was 99.9974%. It means that last year, an average a virtual server was unavailable for only 13 minutes and 40 seconds. We are very proud that we were able to reach such high level of uptime for our comprehensive services. It is significantly higher than market norms and standards, even for hosting of static pages.

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21 December

How to transform your products into the perfect gift for every occasion? Apply gift cards as a payment method!

Gift cards or gift vouchers are extremely popular and always well-chosen gifts. And, as it is high time to think over the strategy for upcoming Christmas, we have an early gift for you. We are happy to provide you with a new tool – gift cards and a renewed module of gift vouchers.

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9 December

If you conduct cross-docking sales, we have a solution checking stock levels of ordered products in external warehouses during order placement in an online store

IdoSell Shop has been supporting conducting cross-docking sales for a very long time. Previously we offered cyclical supplier's stock level synchronizations through a dedicated application – IAI Downloader. Now we have prepared a solution enabling product availability verification in supplier's warehouses during order placement. The solution is now available for all wholesale and retail stores using IdoSell Shop, but also wholesale stores using a system different than IdoSell Shop.

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30 November

New Terms&Conditions and IdoSell Shop Price list effective from 1st January 2017

'Keeping the terms of introducing new prices included in the IdoSell Shop Agreement, we would like to present new Price List and Terms&Conditions with one month in advance. Both documents apply from 1st January 2017.

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23 November

IdoSell Shop wins the 2016 Ekomers for the best ecommerce platform, Paweł Fornalski wins the 2016 Super Ekomers for the personality of the year.

Winners of the most prestigious awards in Polish ecommerce - Ekomersy 2016 - have been named. IdoSell Shop was again named the best ecommerce platform and Paweł Fornalski, founder and CEO of IAI S.A., received the 2016 Super Ekomers for the personality of the year.

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18 November

IdoSell Shop supports wholesale and retail online stores conducting sales in a dropshipping model due to built-in mechanisms automating processing orders in an open ICDF standard

Do you have an online wholesale store and you offer shipping products in a dropshipping model? If yes, we have just prepared the first open online wholesale store solution enabling taking orders in a dropshipping model, with a full automation of their processing through wholesaler's WMS. Are you considering retail sales without the need to store products? You can start placing dropshipping orders in IdoSell wholesale stores supporting such way of order processing even today.

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2 November

Now you can list product groups as single multi-variation listings, at the same time minimizing eBay sales costs.

We have added the ability to list product groups as a single multi-variation listing. Thus, you can lower the costs of selling through eBay and make your offer more attractive. Previously you could list single product sizes, or so-called multi-variation listings on eBay, where variants differed in size only. From now on, IdoSell Shop enables listing grouped products, thanks to which you can list a few products with different prices and photos based on the same distinctive parameters in a group.

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26 October

We increase the level of the administration panel access security by introducing additional rights for managing product prices and panel users

We have extended the ''Products'' user right with the ability to enable / disable product price management. We have also modified the access right to panel user management for users with ''Admin'' rights. Now only users with ''Chief'' rights have such an access. Thanks to that you can define access rights for your employees or external companies to particular IdoSell Shop panel elements more precisely.

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26 October

Administration panel now includes a completely new tool for importing listings together with products and mapping listings to already existing products.

Thanks to new tools you can import all Allegro or eBay listings and enable their automatic handling in the IdoSell administration panel. Listing import can be performed together with products, you can also add listing handling only and assign it to products in the panel. In other words, you can map listings to products. Import can be performed on any number of listings at the same time, and its handling is as simple and as automatic as possible.

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12 October

We facilitate conducting sales exempt from VAT e.g. by adjusting the way of generating sales documents and settling orders.

If your company is not registered for VAT, from now on you can enable placing orders and generating sales documents as ''gross'' (but without calculating VAT rate).

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