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The virtual product market is growing at a rapid pace. The changing preferences of consumers, who increasingly use the mobile form of reading or listening to music, translate into the growing popularity and accessibility of digital content. At IdoSell you can successfully sell digital files on the same basis as traditional goods.

Sales of digital files

Digital files that you can sell online:

Types of digital files
Virtual Products Market

Virtual products market

The market for virtual products is becoming increasingly diverse due to its dynamics. Every day the number of titles that can be bought in digital version increases. The widespread fashion for using mobile devices means that instead of buying a book in a bookstore, we are reaching for its electronic version in the form of an ebook. A similar situation is taking place in the computer game market, where we are increasingly encountering the sale of games in the electronic version, forgetting about box versions. A good example is online platforms like Steam, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live selling digital games. Similar situation is in the music market, which is increasingly moving the sales to the Internet. At IdoSell you can freely combine the sale of virtual and standard goods. If you are a traditional salesman, nothing prevents you to expand your sales by virtual goods and thus gain new markets.

The benefits of selling digital files

  • Increasing your sales by reaching out to a wider group of customers who value fast and convenient access to electronic versions of books, music, games
  • Saving money on storage of goods. You do not have to rent extra storage because everything is stored on your computer
  • You set and control the price as well as you sell without commission what is more profitable compared to content distribution platforms
  • Combining sales of digital and traditional files. Goods can be combined in sets or sold individually
  • Controlling whether someone actually bought the file thus eliminating the risk of piracy
  • Increasing your sales effectiveness by executing orders for virtual and standard goods in one place and time
  • Additional ad of files and products by presenting sample files. A customer can, for example, listen to a few samples of a particular CD, which will encourage him to buy the original CD
  • Purchase automation thanks to the automated process of selling virtual goods. You just have to create a product, set a price, and add an attachment to it
  • Increased value of sold products for electronic files that often have more extras, e. g. e-books have many additional materials that are not available in print
  • No packing and shipping costs
Selling process

How to sell digital products?

All our standard store templates have the ability to sell digital files. You can use this functionality to diversify your current offer. Selling virtual products can be a great alternative to selling traditional products (books or CDs). For online stores the sale of such products is a saving of storage space and no need to specify the time and form of delivery. All this translates into the speed of the transaction. This solution is beneficial for both sellers and buyers.

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File sales opportunities

Features and capabilities for selling files

At IdoSell you can use many features we provide for digital content. The process of selling digital files is automated. Simply add the item and set the price you want to sell.

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One Page Shop sales

Selling virtual goods in One Page Shop

Your offer consists of only several goods? Would you like to combine sales of virtual and traditional goods, in a set or individually? In each case, you set and control the price by not paying the commission that is usually charged to the content distribution platforms. If you deal with self-publishing , you can successfully publish and sell your own content using One Page Shop. If you are a publisher, a writer, a content producer, or would like to sell your content in a readable form, check our One Page Shop.

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Start selling virtual goods

How to start selling virtual goods

Would you like to start selling files at IdoSell? The most important thing to keep in mind is updating your template with the necessary components. For Standard Templates (newer than April 2013), a standard update is sufficient. If you have a dedicated template, for updating you should contact your template supervisor to discuss the order for the Graphics Department.

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