SLA - guaranteed high availability level of your internet shop

SLA – a term which is defined as an agreement upon the quality of delivered services and procedures. Yet, it is also commonly referred to as a percentage expression of availability time of, for example, network service. Such availability time is declared by hosting and dedicated servers delivery companies. In case such complex service as IdoSell Shop, SLA value is defined not only on the basis of the very server infrastructure but also the uptime of the services crucial for serving data from the server.

Both servers and services crucial for proper site serving are under constant monitoring, which is connected with the notification system directly accessed by our administrators. The monitoring checks whether the server and services, which are launched on it, work properly. The system records proper functioning in a given time if every service returns a proper answer. If some function does not work, the monitoring records problems at a given moment and the specified time is subtracted from SLA value until the information about proper system functioning is received. Such data is gathered constantly and on its basis SLA value for a given period is calculated.

It is worth to mention the fact that SLA is not lowered if the unavailability is caused by a planned maintenance service about which the clients are informed in advance. SLA value is also not lowered in case of problems in intermediary services which are not required for proper functioning of the system. For example, you forgot to prolong domain lease and its validity expires. In this situation, if you enter the website address, you do not see the content but the error generated by the browser. Entering the website through technical domain displays the site without any problems – this, in turn, confirms proper functioning of the domain and indicates that the source of the problem is somewhere else. Thus, the sites are not available under this address but both the server and all the services required for serving the content, work properly.
The declaration concerning SLA guarantee can be found on Terms and Conditions of the IdoSell Shop service - FAQ, in a subpoint “Do I receive SLA guarantee?”. All the information regarding the responsibility connected with possible server/services unavailability can be found on The Agreement and the Terms and Conditions.

How can I check the availability of my services?

Data on service availability can be checked at any moment in your CSC. In left menu choose “System status”. In this tab you can find information about the current server state and percentage SLA value defined on weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

What SLA was achieved on average by all IdoSell shops in recent years?

For the whole year 2017, we achieved SLA at the level of 99.9705%. For the whole year 2016, we achieved SLA at the level of 99.9974%. This is the arithmetic average of all the online stores we supported in 2017 and 2016 respectively. This means that the average IdoSell shop was unavailable for 13 minutes and 40 seconds, throughout the entire 2016. For more information, please refer to our SLA level summary on the page "We have reached 99.9974% availability (SLA) for the whole year 2016".