E-mail Marketing Pro service for the IdoSell Shop on-line stores

Meeting the requirements of on-line stores owners, that use e-mail marketing as a serious source of income, we created a new service - E-mail Marketing Pro.

E-mail Marketing Pro service allows to comfortably observe statistics of sent campaigns and personalize messages created for groups of recipients and individual addressees - this can be determined by use of variables.

  • Variables in newsletter messages allow to adjust content, so every recipient could view it in the way you want.
  • Detailed statistics of sent campaigns allows to check the most important information about newsletters. In addition to basics information - like number of sent messages or CTR factor - user of E-mail Marketing Pro service can check, how many times message was displayed, how many clicks were made to indicated link in e-mail or how many people unsubscribed from newsletter after reading your message.

E-mail Marketing Pro is a service charged additionally, according to the current IdoSell Shop Price List. Minimum activation time is 14 days.