How do I sell effectively in an online store? Best advice on online marketing. Useful advice on how to increase online sales.

14 tips from Paweł Fornalski on effective online marketing and sales

The Internet is diverse. Since there are millions of people, pages and sites, you need to reach various places and people in different ways. As a result, you need a multifunctional tool.

According to the Internet Standard 2013 report, every third person in Poland shops online, and this number is constantly growing year by year. This constitutes a large group of people with different habits, interests and experience in doing online shopping. Therefore, you need to address your customers in various ways and provide them with diverse offers. Only the best sales system which supports multichannel sales provides such opportunities. Using it, you can manage several online sales channels from one place.

So how to build up your marketing to make it effective? Below we present 14 simple tips from Paweł Fornalski. Mastering each of them will bring success in e-commerce

14 tips on effective online marketing and sales
Selling on auction sites (Allegro and eBay),
Have an own domain for your online shop,
Advertising on price comparison sites, catalogues, etc.,
SEO and SEM – promoting on Google and online search engines,
Distinctive store graphics, logo and brand,
Advertising through affiliate programs and CPA (Cost Per Action) activities,
E-mail marketing,
Gain your customers' loyalty by using loyalty programs, cards, and discounts for regular customers,

  1. Ensure enterprise identity and image by using specially designed prints, boxes, etc.
  2. Promotion of own affiliate program
  3. Other forms of promotion based on page views, such as sponsorship or advertising on other websites on the same topic

Sales on mobile devices and mobile marketing,
Social Media Marketing,
Selling on Facebook.

There are additional issues which need to be taken into consideration when running or setting up online sales

There are still a couple of issues to keep in mind, and there are only a few people who would share this knowledge. So it is good to keep the following in mind:
First of all, operate and plan on a large scale right away – it does not make any sense to choose "small" solutions at the very beginning, because when you find that doing many things manually is too time-consuming, it will be too late to change it, and what's "small" will be slow and cumbersome. Moving to a new system may be more laborious, time consuming and expensive than investing in a long-term system from the beginning.
POS and traditional sales – of course, the Internet is growing rapidly, but it is no substitute for the method of conducting trade which has existed for thousands of years. Many products were - and still will be - bought in traditional stores or picked up in person. You need to have a tool which integrates your online store with a traditional store, and only IdoSell Shop offers that..
Automation of printing, order fulfilment and customer service together with complex offer management. Going back to the first point – you may soon not have enough time to fulfil individual orders. Opt for a system that automates and speeds up simple activities, so that you can focus on more creative tasks.
Software that keeps up with changes and offers prospects for development – IdoSell Shop platform provided with the SaaS model]. Other models – besides hiring software (SaaS) – do not work in a dynamic environment such as the Internet. Everything changes day by day. Nowadays there does not exist software that requires no updates.
Monitor your company and your employees' team work. To avoid anything out-of-place occurring at stores, IdoSell Shop provides full employee collaboration and logs a history of changes made. Thanks to numerous reports, you can fully control your company and monitor the results of your employees' work, even remotely.

  1. Integration with partners and external services is very important. IdoSell Shop provides dozens of various integrations. They are ready and waiting for you to start using them.

And perhaps most importantly – compete on quality rather than price'''. There will always be someone who offers a better price, but not necessarily the best quality. Go for loyalty programs, loyalty cards and refund handling. All these functions can be found in IdoSell Shop.

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