How much does an online store in IdoSell Shop cost

In IdoSell Shop you always have a choice. You can launch the shop almost immediately without incurring additional costs. At any time, you can decide to build / redesign an online store within hours settled in Time & material mode or choose one of the available implementation packages. No matter which variant you choose, as part of your monthly subscription, you receive exactly the same IdoSell Shop service, with a full range of functionalities. Remember that we are at your disposal through the entire duration of the contract. At any time you can improve the store yourself, or commission to us additional works . Thanks to the unlimited technical support, you will be under the constant care of the best e-commerce specialists, ready to support you as soon as any doubts arise.

online store implementation

Online store implementation

The IdoSell Shop offer includes several predefined implementation packages designed for sellers with different requirements regarding graphics and functionality, expectations regarding implementation time and budgets for launching an online store. For example, we offer totally personalized implementations to demanding customers who expect an individual approach. However, thanks to STANDARD templates, you can launch an online store virtually immediately without any additional graphics fees. Each implementation package can be extended with turnkey implementation in which we will carry out all the necessary work for you (panel settings, configurations) that will speed up the launch of the online store. A dedicated Project Manager watches over the on-time store implementation and is responsible for coordinating all work (both related to store's template and turnkey configuration) from the moment of the initiation of the implementation to the launch of the store for buyers. If the time of implementation is crucial for you, you can ask us about the possibility of ordering services in Express mode.

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Maintenance of an online store

Regardless of the subscription plan you choose, as part of your monthly subscription, you get exactly the same system, with full range of functionalities. At IdoSell Shop you can choose 1 of 3 types of subscription plans. What is important, when you start to grow dynamically and your current plan is insufficient, you can freely change the subscription plan to the one that meets the needs of your store.

Within each subscription plan you get:

4 types of subscription plans

Smart CLOUD 1.5% on sales, no less than $19 $9

Marketplaces without commission

Most often chosen by small shops starting their adventure with e-commerce

CLOUD $79 net

+ Possible additional charges for exceeding limits included in the price

Most often chosen by companies starting their adventure with e-commerce

DEDICATED CLOUD from $529 net

No limits, flat fee

Recommended for medium- or large-scale stores and in cases when additional charges to the CLOUD plan are close to the price of a dedicated plan


No limits, individual fee

Recommended for the largest stores and wholesalers, for which the dedicated plan is not enough

additional services

Additional services

No matter if you have an online store or you are just opening it, within additional services which you can commission us with, we will do the work for you according to your requirements.

It does not matter if you are taking the first steps in the e-commerce industry or if you already have specific store requirements for its migration, we are ready to meet your requirements. Remember also that our help does not end with giving you a finished store. You always have a wide range of services at your disposal, from the configuration of the administration panel and database migration, through training and technical support and graphics up to creating custom and non-standard applications and integrations.

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