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We have rebuilt the warehouse configuration so that warehouses enabling personal collections do not have to handle shipping

We have rebuilt the warehouse configuration so that previously connected warehouse functions: this warehouse is a collection point, this warehouse handles personal collection orders, is a shipping warehouse, can now be set independently. This change will enable easier integrations with financial-accounting programs (IAI Bridge) or in points of sale (IAI POS).

Existing combination of three warehouse functions was becoming increasingly troublesome for stores using sophisticated systems with multiple warehouses.

If your online store includes warehouses, which should not handle order shipping (eg. points of sale ), the change we made is just for you. Thanks to the ability of setting up eg. that the warehouse as a collection point in a brick and mortar store should no longer be the one from handling shipping. Such warehouse will no longer be assigned to the orders of your online store, which has happened so far.

We strongly encourage you to explore the possibilities of integrating with financial-accounting programs using IAI Bridge and points of sale thanks to IAI POS.

What exactly has changed?

So far in stock settings in ADMINISTRATION / Configuration of stocks and stock management we did not allow the warehouse to be shut off as the one handling shipping if it was also a collection point.

Now options for shipping, personal delivery and personal collection are completely independent of each other and have changed their names to be more precise:

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