18 September 2015

Guidebook: Online store and Google Analytics - a combination that plays a major role | Part 1: The basics

Owners of e-stores can easily measure and analyze traffic in their online stores. Such analysis allows to draw conclusions on the basis of which changes in the store and in advertising campaigns can noticeably increase the revenue of your company. Is it difficult? No. Can everyone handle it? Yes. How then one should approach web analytics?

Google Analytics is probably the world's most popular free tool to conduct web analytics. You just have to install a special tracking code in your online store - using our integration - and you can enjoy professional traffic statistics. However, without a proper setup and interpretation skills, the tool will have no value for you. So how to work with Google Analytics?

Filter out your own visits

Filters are one of the most important and the most underrated functionalities of Google Analytics. With filters you can for example block counting the traffic coming from your IP address. This procedure will make the statistics more accurate because they will not take into account all visits generated by you and your employees.

Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns

Define goals to measure sales conversions in your store. Observation of reservation realization will allow you to optimize advertising campaigns, as you will learn:

  • on which step of the check out process many people resign from the purchase
  • from which cities your customers most often come from
  • how old are your best customers
  • people of what sex most often buy in your store
  • from which sources comes the best converting traffic (search (SEO or Adwords advertising), social media, web portals, etc.)
  • whether mobile phones traffic converts
  • at what times of day you generate most conversions
  • after how many days from the first contact with your online store the conversion happens

Such knowledge will help you make decisions in which advertising channels to invest and how to select marketing messages to generate the highest sale possible.

Connect Google Analytics with Google AdWords

Integration of statistics from Google AdWords advertising system will allow you to better measure the effectiveness of ads. With this combination, you will see which keywords generate most conversions and which have the highest bounce rate. Making key decisions will become much easier.

Web analytics is like your eyes and ears

If you learn how your real users navigate through the online store, how they behave in the check out process, where they came from and what is their demographic profile, then your promotional activities in the Internet will gain splendor. The earlier you include Google Analytics in your strategy, the better for your wallet. Get to know your customer before he does it.

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