Safer with IdoSell

We ensure that every company using our services is real and thoroughly verified by us.

At IAI S.A. we take extra effort to protect end customers from malicious merchants, which is why when you see the 'Powered by IdoSell' logo on a store's page, you can be sure you are shopping securely.

  • The IdoSell platform is used exclusively by registered companies

This means you can always get important documents such as receipts or VAT invoices, required when making complaints and issuing returns.

  • Using the IdoSell services requires making regular payments

As a result, you do not risk making a purchase at an inactive store, which are numerous on the internet - we simply turn such off.

  • Every company is required to supply official registration documents prior to signing an agreement with us

You can be sure that you are dealing with a real, verified company. In case of any questions, you can always contact us - we keep this information on file and it is available upon valid request.

  • IdoSell integrates with the most reputable ecommerce companies

When making a purchase at one of our shops you have access to the most secure and reputable systems for payment processing, delivery, etc. so you can rest assured your purchase is handled properly at every stage.