Designing an online store or company logo with

The company or online store logo is the most important element of the visual identification of your business. It's thanks to the logo that customers will recognize and remember your website. Creating a brand starts with the preparation of a good logo.

Projektowanie logo sklepu internetowego

Do you have your own idea
or will your rely on our professionals

You can send us very precise guidelines , or rely on the experience and creativity of our graphic department. Regardless of your choice, our graphic designer will help you at every stage of the logo preparation process, from creating the project to implementing your new logo on the website.

Online store logo made to measure

You need a logo redesign

Do you know why companies change their logo? To earn more money.
Has your company changed its name or business profile? Or maybe your logo is quite outdated and not so attractive compared to the new competition? Changes in companies and trends are very common in the e-commerce market. We are aware of it and help our clients to modernize outdated and obsolete visual identification. From obsolete to modern and recognizable - that's how we change your logo!

lifting lub redesign logo
logotyp za darmo

You commission creating a shop template and you do not have a logo

You will get it for free!
As part of each implementation package , we guarantee creating a basic logo for your online store based on the name of your company or domain. Help us and present your preferences when providing template guidelines. In case of the SUPREME implementation package, we will spend more time on your logo without additional fees.

Additional services for
your online store or company logo

Licencja na logo

Logo license

Transfer of full copyright and property rights to you.

Wektoryzacja logo

Logo vectorization

Necessary for free resizing during printing and further graphic works.

Księga znaku i znak wodny

Identity manual and watermark

Comprehensive and professional graphic design of the logo for the needs of your store and company.

If you are considering a new logo or refreshing the currently used one, we invite you to contact us

In case you are interested in our other services, we invite you to learn more about the offer.

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