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The outsourcing role will grow steadily - so believe 87% of respondents, as the Global Future Forum reports in its statement prepared with Unisys. This will be the only way to meet market requirements in the near future.

Futuristic visions of companies

A brief article by Wanda Żółcińska, published in the "Senior Management Magazine CXO":

As the Global Future Forum report (prepared with Unisys) shows, up to 87% of respondents believe that the role of outsourcing and collaboration between the companies will grow steadily until 2009.

This will be the only way to meet market requirements. In companies strategies increasing emphasis will be placed on flexibility and less on reducing costs.

According to 87% of respondents, many large companies by 2009 will benefit from outsourcing their internal services outside, and their structure will inevitably change into form of a network of partners and suppliers. 63% of surveyed members of the front-line management believe that the flexibility of organization and responsiveness to market changes will be more important than operational efficiency, 92% focuses on customer service, and 93% expect increase in the number of cooperating "freelancers" who will render the tasks for competing companies.

"We are currently experiencing an evolution aiming towards a new business model. In view of the constantly rising customers expectations, outsourcing and co-competition turn out for many companies a the best way to take. This is the only way they can adequately meet the customer needs and demands" - David Smith, GFF, comments the research results.

Global Future Forum is an independent forum for futurists, scientists and businessmen. The study included 289 persons from 28 countries - 42 scientists, 81 futurists, and 166 businessmen.

Unisys, 2006 (more:

Future companies will be based primarily on fast and as cheap as possible exchange of information. These will be companies specialized in their branches, that will have everything - except for customer service and key business development - outsourced to the external companies.

Information Society, which grows and develops before our eyes every day, imprints a strong mark on the business and drives changes towards e-economy. Everyone expects access to information quickly, at any time and from anywhere in the world. Thanks to the Internet it has all become possible. Now is the time to build the tools that will ensure obtaining these goals and make work enjoyable and inspiring. Easy access to market information is particularly important for commerce.

The SaaS model (Software as a Service) is perfectly suited for this. In this model, customer pays a fee for use of software, technical support, service, and - in return - gets access to a sophisticated system to support his business. For a company that is looking for a solution to conduct the Internet trade, it is extremely beneficial. With the scalability of SaaS model, the company development is not expensive. You do neither have to pay a license for another version of the program in another store, nor invest in expensive solutions, and the system does not prohibit further growth. Information, solutions and statistics helping to increase the sales are all available at any time and from any location that has Internet access.

SaaS model can offer advanced systems at very affordable prices. is such a service that has developed in a SaaS model since 2004. It offers to Internet retailers a flexible software to support the development of their e-business at an attractive price. - thanks to low cost - works well in small and medium enterprises. With powerful capabilities, it also ensures the quality of the giant corporations services.