IdoSell tools and technology for shop SEO

In the IdoSell you do not have to worry about issues like passive positioning or other technical aspects of such activities. Below you can find the list of tools that are available within our service.

Standards Compliance

Stores pages are always being prepared in accordance with the standards of creating valid web pages and have the appropriate structure and hierarchy of information (validated XHTML and CSS), so that search engines have no problem reading the page content.

Automatically and manually generated meta section

Stores have a proper structure of meta information (the so-called meta tags), a kind of page content description, which is used by search engines that assign the appropriate pages to different keywords. These meta data are generated dynamically and automatically for each page separately. You have the possibility to manually and automatically generate meta tags for sold goods. By automatically generating them, you do not have to manually enter each item separately - just fill in all the product descriptions available for customers, and IdoSell will also generate meta information for search engines.

Automatic generation of canonical links

To better position the store, by eliminating the so-called duplicate content negative effect, an active mechanism is used to generate information about canonical links for the store. More information about the mechanism generating the canonical links can be found in [/pl/shop/manual/help-content.php?content=content_question_584 FAQ].

SEO Management

Both the meta information and the inclusion of auxiliary codes for mechanisms such as Heatmap or analysis (i.e. Google Analytics) can be managed by you through SEO module available in any of the IdoSell administration panels.

Every newly created shop is reported to Google

At the launch of the store, the system automatically generates the so-called sitemap of the entire shop page and sends it to Google, awaiting for confirmation. With this operation, Google has a whole structure of the shop, so from it's very beginning, your shop will be taken into account by the Google robot.

Automatically generate store links for Google

Each store has launched an automatic, maintenance-free mechanism to generate and submit information to Google Sitemaps. Files of this type are difficult to self-update and complicated to create. Our system generates and sends them to Google automatically, every day. Thus Google has always the current set of store pages, without even troubling you.

A dedicated module for Google Analytics

Google Analytics is probably the most popular statistics tools used by the majority of our customers. It's advantage are: very interesting information, high accuracy, speed of action. In conjunction with the AwStats statistics, provided by us, Google Analytics are very good source of information. In the IdoSell administration panel there is available a module dedicated to the Google Analytics. It is easy to integrate your shop with this tool, by only inserting the appropriate code. In addition, by making a single click, you can activate the conversion measuring in Google Analytics E-commerce module.

CPA module

Nowadays, more and more ads are sold in the CPA system. To solve the problem of freedom of adding and configuring the CPA programs, a special tool is available for self-development of inserts required by the CPA advertisers. CPA module can be also used to integrate with your own system components, inserted by JavaScript. It is also possible to create your own statistics on this basis.

Support for RSS

Each shop has launched and automatically updated set of messages in the RSS format (news for readers of specially prepared news feeds) that can be used by customers using both RSS readers and news search engines.

Freedom of embedding and exchanging links

Each store has the opportunity to exchange links, thanks to well-built and structured publication mechanism of banners, buttons, text links or a possibility to conduct a separate page with links. Exchanging links between the various parties significantly increases the number of links to a page, which directly translates into the position in search engines. Mechanism that perfectly enhances the position of the shop - without spending large sums on increasing the number of links - is a solution of utilizing the affiliate program, available to any store without additional fee.

Support for division based on languages

With support for multiple stores in one panel and the principle of 1 shop = 1 language, you can easily associate a corresponding store domain names with the appropriate languages, to facilitate the effective positioning for a specific keyword in a given language.

Internet robots

Each store is equipped with a web-robots detecting mechanisms, which supports pages indexing process. You can measure the impact of web-robots and search engines operations in the statistics of the store. you also have the opportunity to edit the robots.txt file freely and at-will.

Friendly addresses

Each store has the mechanism of friendly addresses (called mod_rewrite) enabled. Thanks to it, in links to products, categories, manufacturers and others their names are being repeated. Running this type of navigation requires considerable knowledge and accordingly prepared server. In the IdoSell this mechanism is available for free and without eliminating customers who do not have cookies enabled in their web browsers.

In addition, in each store you can have a different structure of friendly links, because we have adapted our system in terms of currently prevailing SEO trends. It is possible to change to one of the predefined structures of friendly links, but you can also ask our specialists to create your own, unique structure of friendly links for an additional fee.

Read the most frequently asked questions about the structure of friendly links

Welcome Page

Shop welcome page can be freely modified in terms of both HTML and meta information. This is important, because it is usually the most popular page of the entire store. With the use of the administration panel, person engaged in shop positioning can create code compatible with the chosen promotion strategy.

This set of tools and functions may be sufficient for many people. It also provides a good base for those involved in the paid promotion in search engines and other e-commerce operations such as advertising or sponsored links. Even if you use the services of a person involved in the positioning, the mechanisms provided by us in the IdoSell can significantly reduce the cost of such services. All positioning services run by us are in line with the manufacturers of search engines guidelines, so you avoid the unpleasant consequences of entering your site to "blacklist" in the databases of search engines.