Sell products through using the Marketplace module in the IdoSell

Reach new customers with the offer using the dynamically developing sales channel which is' Marketplace Arena.p'. With easy and automated integration, you can sell products that will be available to millions of users.

Martekplace is a dynamically developing Polish shopping platform visited by millions of buyers. In only one quarter of 2018, the platform was visited by 3.5 million buyers, which resulted in the number of 100,000 purchase transactions.
You can sell your products in seven main categories:

home and garden home and garden
child child
electronics elektronika
care and health care and health
sport and tourism sport and tourism
motorization motorization
fashion fashion

Advantages of selling at marketplace

attractive commission rates on sales
full two-way integration (you manage products like in your store) and you get orders to your own WMS common to all channels
no fees and obligations at the beggining
you do not pay for displaying your products (you only pay a commission on sales)
you get a dedicated account manager

Advantages of integration in the IdoSell

Thanks to the partnership between IdoSell and, you can be sure that you will always use the full range of possibilities and that as soon as new opportunities appear, you will take advantage of them without problems and surprising situations. In addition, such integration will now be fully supported as part of the subscription by IdoSell. You don't pay IdoSell commissions or fees depending on the number of visits. Such integration also does not increase the number of API calls.
All updates and changes will be implemented quickly and prioritized, without surprising changes.
You don't have to choose a category or create special photos or descriptions. is fully based on the information that you have already entered into your IdoSell panel.
Two-way integration works automatically, which means that you send your offer to and handle incoming orders in the IdoSell panel. Thanks to this, you have control over the inventory of your products, payments to acquired orders or delivery of products to customers.

How to start selling at

To join the group of sellers, all you have to do is complete and send an application form at After signing the contract, you receive a dedicated account manager to you who will explain how to proceed.

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