Support for promotional and marketing campaigns

Sending of newsletters is a very important element of shop promotion. You can send a personalized message to any group of recipients via IdoSell. With the help of e-mail, SMS and Web Push notifications, you can inform your clients about the progress of the order, promotions, new products, assigned discounts, or re-availability of products. With our help you will prepare an effective mailing campaign tailored to your needs and the appearance of the store.

You can send messages in many ways:

  • as informational and promotional newsletters
    Standard communication can be attractive. Create your own unique message template informing about new products in your store and current promotions.
  • as Web Push notifications
    Along with an email, you can send Web Push notifications that are displayed to your clients in a web browser. With their help, regardless of the e-mail sent, you will inform your clients about various events, such as sent newsletter or progress in the order handling.
  • as messages sent via e-mail
    In the administration panel, you can add any number of email accounts, depending on the purpose of its use. For the purpose of sending a newsletter, it is recommended to configure your own mail server in order to be able to fully control the process of sending messages.
  • as messages sent via SMS
    Useful mechanisms have been applied in IdoSell, which eliminate the risk of incurring additional costs associated with sending SMS. Their content can be highly personalized, including branding, which significantly affects the reception of messages by customers.
  • as triggered messages
    The module allows creating campaigns consisting of many messages, with each message addressed to a different group of recipients. Such functionality gives the possibility to personalize the content depending on who the addressee is.
  • as messages sent via Freshmail servers
    Freshmail is one of the most popular e-mail marketing solutions in Poland. IdoSell user may use Freshmail and send e-mails to recipients quickly.
  • as messages sent by using E-mail marketing Pro
    Email Marketing Pro service is available free of charge to all IdoSell customers. It provides access to extensive statistics of email campaigns. In addition to basic data on the amount of sent messages, or click through rate (CTR) you can conveniently check, among others, how many times a particular message has been displayed, how many clicks have been sent to a specific link in the email, and how many people have left the subscription after sending the newsletter. By using variables, you can create personalized messages at the level of specific groups of recipients as well as specific recipients.
  • as email, SMS and Web Push notifications about the re-availability of products
    A large group of customers looking for a specific product in the online store, seeing that it is currently unavailable, leaves such a store. We have anticipated such situations. The system allows you to keep customers by sending automatic e-mails, SMS, Web Push notifications when the item will be available in your store again.

Entering content and editing newsletters

You can enter the content of sent e-mails and text messages yourself or based on responsive e-mail templates and SMS templates prepared by IdoSell. In the content of the message you can use the so-called dynamic variables that will return information about orders, customers or products.

Frequently asked questions about sending a newsletter

Sample e-mail newsletters

Have a look at sample newsletters for our clients. We also encourage you to create individual templates for transactional e-mails, so that they are consistent with the image of your store. Contact your template supervisor in the graphics department and he will suggest a suitable solution.

Contact our graphics department, which will evaluate, design and customize the component according to your requirements

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