Google Rich Snippets - descriptions enriched with additional information visible in Google Search Results customers can utilize one of the newest solutions offered by Google - it will surely make your store look more professional in search results.

Google Rich Snippets, also known as microdata, microformats, structured data and RDFa, are extension of your store (or products) description displayed in Google search results. Thanks to this solution, customer who is looking for particular product sees on search results page (SERP) additional, elegantly-formatted description with information like i.e. price, availability, reviews&opinions etc. It all affects visibility of on-line stores, because they draw attention. Google search engine can display - when presenting search results - information about reviews from i.e. blogs or other webpages. Rich Snippets allow to distinguish your store in the sea of results, so the seeker could easily find it, if one looks for product to buy. It offers almost the same functionality as price comparers or products catalogs.

Sellers receive multiple new functionalities and possibilities of promoting their offers in a way, that encourages potential customers to visit the store page. New elements are great source of additional information. These can be, i.e. user rating, number of reviews, product price or many, many other.

In on-line stores important information are always marked automatically. Of course proper marking does not guarantee, that Rich Snippets will be displayed in search results - Google decides about it. It is worth to add, that having Rich Snippets active in store is one of condition of being included in Google Product Search service, which is a great alternative to price comparers. Mainly, because it is free. The system allows to display your products in the Google Products Search results, so you can fully utilize its features.