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IdoPay - payment services integrated with IdoSell and IdoBooking

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Welcome on the website of IdoPayments sp. z o.o. which offers payment services under the name IdoPay integrated with shops IdoSell and IdoBooking accommodation reservation system
About IdoPayments
IdoPayments is a company offering payment services integrated with IdoSell and IdoBooking under the name IdoPay. These are online payments that, thanks to their complexity and high security standards, allow you to maximize the conversion of your online store, protecting you from rejected transactions and thus from lost orders.

What are integrated payments?
Internet payments are integrated, in other words, embedded in the system IdoSell and IdoBooking. This means that they are available for any store panel or booking panel, without the need for the company to undergo additional verifications that are necessary when signing contracts with external providers of similar payment services.

How do you turn them on?
When launching the IdoSell or IdoBooking service, you probably filled out the contract and the AML KYC questionnaire. All that's left for you to do is to make 1 verification bank transfer, prepare your store or booking site for sale and select the payment provider settings. IdoPay.
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Payment security guaranteed by certificates

IAI company providing such services as IdoPay,IdoSell and IdoBooking, is certified PCI DSS level 1 , which is the highest level of security. It is required by Visa and Mastercard, among others, to store payment card numbers.
To become certified, a service provider must not only build a sufficiently secure infrastructure, which is audited by a certified company, but also pass penetration tests correctly. Furthermore, a PCI DSS certified company must have a formal network security cell in place and proactively counter possible attacks and threats.
IdoPayments has the status of a payment institution. This is a solution for conducting payment services business, which requires prior registration in the register of payment services providers, kept by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF).

IdoPay is an all important payment method

We provide a wide selection of payment methods, which will allow you to finalize transactions depending on the situation or buyer's capabilities. Available payment methods: VISA and Mastercard, the most popular in Poland BLIK payments, fast PayByLin payments in over 20 major Polish banks, "buy now pay later" or deferred payments PayPo, the ability to pay Apple Pay and Google Pay wallets
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