IdoAccounts is a system that facilitates the process of logging in to many stores with one account and placing orders in online stores.

The main goal of the IdoAccounts system is to download all necessary customer data required to place an order. Customer data is stored in a secure system (without the access of other stores) and used to automatically fill in the form when logging in again with the same account.

How does IdoAccounts work?

When logging in to the online store via one of the Social Media accounts, the IdoAccounts system automatically checks if you have an account in it. If so, it completes all fields of the order form in the store, allowing them to be changed. You can change data in any way in any of the stores.

Why is it worth using IdoAccounts?

  • secure and fast login in online stores using external systems
  • no need to invent logins and passwords or to memorize them
  • no need to enter data for purchases, including choosing e.g. preferred pick up point, namely paczkomat, what is extremely inconvenient on mobile devices.
  • no need to remember how someone logged in to particular store, just click on the same icon
  • no access to customer data before a customer places them in the store's database, just as if the customer entered the data manually. The store has the access only to delivery addresses for which the customer sends orders only from this store.
  • the ability to delete an account at any time and control privacy policy
  • the highest security concerning data storage in IdoAccounts in accordance with GDPR

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