Product parameters

Product parameters are a perfect addition to regular descriptions of products. The parameters are essential in technical and electronic branches. By adding parameters to products in a shop, you will make searching and comparing items easier for your customers.

Expand on the description of products by adding to it parameters unique for the specific product group.

A well described item is one of the most important aspects of effective sale in the online shop. Sometimes it is enough to include a short description and few photos however, nowadays it turns to be not enough both for a seller and a potential buyer.

When selling a product it is needed, sometimes even crucial, to add some specific parameters to a description. If, for example, you sell TVs the parameters that you may want to use are resolution, display type, special features, picture mode, etc. Highlighting these parameters will make shopping easier as it helps to make a decision which TV to choose from all of the considered options.

Yet another reason for using parameters is launching comparison engines in your shop. Comparing products in a shop will be extremely easy if you decide to add parameters to a description beforehand. Comparison engines has, by default, the function of showing differences between chosen products. This option will work perfectly if you decide to keep the same order and terminology in the set parameters.

Distinctive parameters

Distinctive parameters are the ones most important in a specific product group. Apart from carrying the informative function they also make the display of the products more attractive at the same time influencing search results.

The way we have introduced the parameters to our platform and the way they are displayed make shopping much easier. Distinctive parameters are displayed on a product list and in search results. If you decide to use the option of adding graphics to products you will receive the readable and visually attractive list of products. The displayed items will be eye-catching thanks to widely known symbols, i.e. “Full HD”, icons of data storage medium, etc. Another example of the parameters' perfect usage might be a shoe shop. Each type of shoes can be additionally provided with the details regarding its best usage (i.e.running shoes, hiking shoes), type of leather it is made of, etc.

Subscribing symbols to parameters will make both, a product list and a very product itself much more attractive for a buyer.

Distinctive parameters, the same as the rest of a product's aspects, can be used while filtering, comparing and advanced searching in your online shop.

Additional features

You can also assign additional features to parameters - it presents information in your shop but also enables an easy transfer to an appropriate external service.

The detailed description of additional features can be found on Additional features of product parameters.

Examples of using parameters in an online shop